February 3, 2014


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Written by : Josh King

Music has always been a major influence to me since my childhood. It was when I got older that I decided to make it a career and not just a hobby. With the talent that I have (songwriter, producer, engineer, ect) that many people like, and what I love doing most, why wouldn’t I pursue. I’ve been producing records, releasing projects, and doing shows for many years.

Background Bio:

Go by the name, D.A.Y.T.O.N. but born as William Jackson December 22, 1982. His passion for music started at the early age of 14, where he first started writing lyrics. By the age 16, placed in front of a keyboard he immediately began creating his own melodies. By the age 18, he was writing and producing his own music which amazed many others once known that he was the creator of all his material. Not long after, many other local artists wanted to collaborate in several ways from having him write verses and hooks, feature on projects, or even create beats for them.

It was then in 2001, when he decided to start a career in music. After the release of his first mixtape “Ghetto Fantasy” his street buzz began to expand. With so much positive feedback from the streets, he then decided to continue releasing new projects frequently to make sure his fans was always satisfied. By 2005, he had several previous
mixtapes under his belt. He then decided to start performing live. He took his talent out of state where he landed a production offer from a company in the Midwest known as “Quiet Killaz “. He then produced and later released a new project called “Dead Presidents Vol. 1”. Not much later he began performing to promote the new project.

By 2006, he was ready to tour city by city after the release of “Streets Competition Vol. 1. This project was a major impact on his career and soon doors started to open from different areas”.. His movement began to expand and Dj’s along with other industry reps started to listen. He continued to release more projects, feature on
more tracks, and even produced for more artists. His talent and development of music has grown. His sound is so catchy but is unlike others. With so many mixtapes such as” So Hood So Official, Pittsburgh’s Finest” and several others the streets can already imagine what to expect for the up and coming projects. He is more than just an artist, he is the true definition of an entertainer.

In 2009 I started learning everything I possibly could about the business side of the industry (publishing, marketing, management, ect) that was needed. This was also during the time I was spreading my brand to new areas, and gaining the attention of new fans by releasing new projects, advertising, and live shows. My talent caught the
attention of music business owners which landed opportunities to work on numerous projects. This opened up new doors and brought new listeners.

Since then, I have released several projects digitally which is available via Itunes, Reverbnation, Youtube, Datpiff and other streaming sites. Now with social media being in such high demand, it created a avenue to help promote my brand worldwide. You can now access my media and merchandise online. You can also follow me on Twitter, and Facebook for trends and live updates.

I have a new single coming soon from my upcoming mixtape “MADE IN PITTSBURGH” dropping in March. I’ve been Doing article features, radio play/show interviews, performing, and everything possible to build my brand.

3) List some artist that you worked with.

Mostly independent artist from various locations US, UK
Freck Billionare
Shelly Shantelle and more features.

4) Talk about some venues that you performed at and why you liked them.

I have performed at several nightclubs here in the city many which are closed now except Whim, Rex Theater, Alter Bar which was great. I love it when my city comes out and shows support. I have also opened up for major acts (Lil Wayne, Jeezy, ect) in different cities and states. It’s great performing and getting a positive response from the crowd.
It makes the experience well worth it. I can’t wait for these future events. I know there will be some favorite moments and locations.

5) Ties to Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh music scene

I’m Pittsburgh’s #1 Representer. I worked With Several Dj’s here in the city, Promoters, Host Events, Have been Wamo featured artist, Pittsburgh HipHop Awards Nom, and still building all the connections and opportunities possible.



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