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Is Cutch Clutch? Baseball is a game of failure, Ty Cobb owns the highest career batting average in MLB history, yet failed to hit safely in 63.4 % of his at bats. Ted Williams owns the highest career OBP, yet failed to get on base in 51.8 % of his plate appearances. But we laud […]

Videos of Gerrit Cole Pitching Against Twins In Friday’s “B” game against the Twins, Gerrit Cole gave up two runs and struck out four in three innings. Cole allowed a opposite field 2-run HR to left handed batter Jermaine Mitchell on a fastball that was up in the strike zone. Cole vs. MLB #1 prospect […]

2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview: 2B,3B,SS – The Pirates will open 2014 with the same infield as they finished with in 2013

February 23, 2014

Pittsburgh Pets Ready For Baseball Pittsburgh Pet Submitted by: @Cobbn Pittsburgh Pets Ready For Baseball –¬† I’m ready for some Pirate’s Baseball SUBMIT YOUR PITTSBURGH PET PHOTOS Get your Pet Photos featured on the BuzzNtheBurgh website by Liking our Facebook Page or Following us on Twitter¬†@BuzzNtheBurgh. www.BuzzNtheBurgh.com

2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview: Catchers Article By: Jim Falbo | @BuccoSharkTank For my first series of articles I will do a brief position by position analysis of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Catchers: The Pirates already have their catching plan in place for 2014. Russell Martin will be the team’s starting backstop, and Chris Stewart was acquired […]