Fall is coming and the temptation for all things pumpkin is going to be very hard.  Well BuzzNTheBurgh would like to help you get on a great workout routine!  We are happy to announce that the August subscriber of the month sponsor will be WorkAht.

One lucky winner will be receiving one 3o minute personal training session by personal trainer Ryan Deer, owner of WorkAht.

Ryan Deer has been a personal trainer since December of 2013 that is over two years. At first he started training as a second job, before and after his daytime job. But then he decided he was going to turn his passion into a full time job. Not only is Deer a full time trainer, but also a blogger & nutrition researcher. He is 100% dedicated to helping his clients get into shape and eat right.

Why a career in fitness? When Deer was in college he was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. He was prevented for working out, something he was so passionate about. Due to not being able to work out and the medication for autoimmune disease he gained an excessive amount of weight. In the end Deer beat the disease, coming out strong on top. He told himself he wouldn’t get sick again and that he would “be healthy, feel healthy and remain healthy for all of eternity”. During this time he started putting his friends thru grueling workouts he had formulated during post-recovery. The training came natural to him and after college he earned his degree thru National Academy of Sports Medicine or NASM, to become a personal trainer. Ever since then Deer hasn’t looked back, maintaining his healthy lifestyle while helping others.

These days you can find him training at the Amerifit Gym in Green Tree. Why did Ryan choose to train at Amerifit Gym instead of some huge gym? Amerifit Gym is where it all started; he grew up right next-door and he worked there while he was in college during summer and holiday breaks.   Not only the history, but also this is a small gym with a close-knit group of members. The atmosphere is also encouraging and inviting to new and existing members. Thanks to the owner, Domenick Mararra, he is permitted to be an independent contracted trainer.

Don’t worry you don’t have to travel Green Tree to have training sessions with Ryan. He makes house calls also; he even brings equipment if needed. Just give him a call to setup an appointment and he’ll help you figure out exactly what type of regimen you will need.

Not only can you request Ryan at Amerifit Gym personally and have in home training, but he also teaches a boot camp in the summer. For more information on his boot camp or personal training classes at home send him an email at bdeer55@gmail.com.

Ryan not only personal trains with fitness he also is a certified ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He can advise nutrition plans for the right exercise plan and body type. So not only can he help whip you back into shape, he can help you eat correctly to stay in shape!

Want to prepay for your plan, so you stick with personal training?   He offers a loyalty system with punch card(s), which offers five sessions for $100.  A single hour-long session will cost you $30, if you purchase the punch card that will commit you to five sessions at $20 per session. This would save yourself $10 per session and they are paid for you so it would encourage you to go!

Ryan is proof that nothing can keep you down; if you put your mind to something you will achieve just what you want. So head over to WorkAht.com find out more about Ryan and what he does, then go follow him on Twitter & Instagram @BenRyanDeer. Let him turn your life around and keep yourself!

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