August 6, 2015

During the day our dogs get lonely and bored from being inside all day. Sometimes they just want to be out running around at the dog park or on a walk. But you’re at work and can’t come home to walk your little pup. Well The Crate Escape has you covered, not only will they walk your dog, but will even take your pup to the dog park!

The Crate Escape will be sponsoring BuzzNTheBurgh.com pet of the month, for August! You’re lucky pup can win five 15 minute FREE walks!! That’s 75 hours that you don’t have to walk your dog and you don’t have to worry about how they’ll get their exercise in!

The Crate Escape started with one dog lover, Meg, who decided to turn her passion into a business. All dogs need to take a walk, but some like to walk longer than others and some need to take more than one walk a day. The Crate Escape offers three different walks; 15, 30 and the 60minute adventure. For the 60 minute adventure Meg takes a group of dogs to a local park or dog park. This really gets the dog’s active and outside to enjoy fresh air. She even can walk your dog twice a day for 15 minutes if needed, just schedule it in the calendar.

Want Meg to walk your dog? You will need to setup a consultation visit so she can better understand your dog’s needs and get familiar with the dog. Then head over to her great online scheduling tool at TheCrateEscape.com/Schedule.  Remember that time is valuable, but we know things do come up, please cancel before 24 hours!  If you cancel after 24 hours you will be charged a $5 fee.  The Crate Escape follows all national holidays, but if you do need your dog walked an additional $10 fee will be applied.

Going out of town and don’t want to send them to a kennel? Well The Crate Escape also does overnight stays and cat visits.  Meg can even give your furry friend their medication if needed.

Don’t worry if it’s raining or snowing, we know your pup still needs to take a walk. If you want to provide a cute little raincoat or sweater she can put them on! But watch out, she might snap a picture to share with the rest of us! Please note, if it is severely raining, snow, and/or state of emergency or there is a chance of danger it is safe for your dog and her to stay indoors and not go for a walk.

Also note that she will walk any dog, but she cannot take aggressive dogs. If there is a chance that your dog is aggressive she will not be able to walk your dog. The dog must be nice and willing to spend time with other dogs.  Especially if you’d like your dog to participate in the 60 minute adventure!

The Crate Escape focuses in the Shadyside, Squirrel Hill & East Hill area, if they receive enough interest they would entertain the idea of expanding.  So if you think that you want The Crate Escape to come to your neighbourhood to walk your dog let them know!

Lastly, don’t worry she is insured by the Pet Sitters Association.  Just in case anything would happen or go wrong.

For more information please visit The Crate Escapes website @ TheCrateEscape.com.

Don’t forget to enter your cute dog for a chance to win the FREE walks!  All you have to do is email me @ tiffsetzler@gmail.com or direct message us on Facebook or Twitter.  We just need a little blurb about your dog and a photo!  Then we’ll post them on our pets page!  We look forward to seeing your adorable pet!

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