April 30, 2013

Taylor J Takeover Interview

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Taylor J | Gets Buzzed: With BuzzNtheBurgh


1.Where are u from and what’s it like ?

St Paul Minnesota . It’s coo there it’s a city of go getters . By any means typa city . Well at least the neighborhood I’m from .


2. What makes ur music different than the rappers that are in the game now ?

I make the typa of music every artist can’t make . I’m the type of person everybody can’t be . Therefor some way some hoe everything I do seems to come out in a way everybody can’t do . That’s what makes me different .


3. What do u feel like hip hop is missing ?

Taylor J


4. Who is the most influential artist now, and 10 years ago?

For me I use everybody as some typa influence or knowledge . Now and ten years ago .


5. What was it like being the 2nd artist in history to have a mixtape with shaheem Reid ?

It really didn’t hit me till I heard his skits mixed in wit the records . Shits crazy that’s my big bro . One of my biggest accomplishments so far to work wit homes .


6. Is America so superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists?

In some regions it is and some regions it aint . Some places wouldn’t buy mainstream and some wouldn’t buy the conscious hip hop vibe .


7.What is your opinion of Kanye West?Musical mastermind, or dennis the mennis of the industry?



8. Who do u wanna work with that you haven’t gotta chance to and why ?

Pretty much whoever ain’t wit the bullshit really . I feel I could compliment any song wit any artist .



Taylor J “1 Mile” (Produced By M-80) @TaylorJTakeover




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New mixtape from Big Play Entertainment recording artist and Minnesota’s own Taylor J hosted by the legendary Shaheem Reid. This project includes features from Gucci Mane, Jazze Pha, Nipsey Hussle, Fat Trel & more. Also with production from Jazze Pha, Speaker Knockerz,Honorable C Note, Beat Billionaire & more. Follow Taylor J & Shaheem Reid on Twitter @TaylorJTakeover & @ShaheemReid

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