Space Jam 2 is it Happening?

LeBron James said to be taking over in the
sequel to the Michael Jordan film

Reporters from ESPN are tweeting that LeBron James‘ camp are refuting the Space Jam 2 story.

Space Jam 2 - Lebron James

Warner Bros. is denying anything and Deadline is a trusted source when it comes to Hollywood scoops. On top of that, Rovell’s use of the term “substantive discussions” could be up for interpretation  – Maybe the business side of things are still being worked out, and no deals have been made yet. Deadline giving out specific producers and writers, must mean Warner Bros. is in the works of getting Space Jam 2 started. Who better to follow Michael Jordan than LeBron James to star in Space Jam 2. Maybe Lebron will pass up the opportunity and some other big name NBA player will take his place

Space Jam Theme Song







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