September 9, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

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Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Soberdash Productions is a HD Video Production team dedicated to making your wedding day a memorable.
Company Website: http://soberdash.com/weddings/

Remember your wedding wedding day like it was yesterday!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer – I understand how important this day is for you and your loved ones. My primary concern has always been my clients’ satisfaction, which is why my wedding videos always tailor to my client’s specific requests. All wedding video packages offer high quality cinematography and editing at an extremely low cost. I employ a wide range of production applications to help my clients create a vision and story line for the perfect wedding video.


Who are we?

A team of family and friends dedicated to make your wedding day memorable. We have been in the wedding industry almost 5 years and continue to grow more each year. Our team is a group of individuals with skills and talents in multiple areas of the media industry, when put together creates the most reliable wedding video team that you can count on.




Company facts

1 Professional: Our team is full of professional and hard working people who take your wedding day serious.
2 Affordable: We are willing to take on any project from a wedding in your back yard to large scale weddings in the Hamptons. Our main goal is to make your wedding video a memory of a lifetime and not about the dollar signs.
3 Experienced: Our team is filled with experienced workers with experience in audio, management, photography, and of course videography. Each individual brings something different to the table, which is what completes us as a whole.


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