February 12, 2014

Pittsburgh girl, appeared in Playboy cancer survivor

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Pittsburgh girl, appeared in Playboy cancer survivor

@BellaMia_xo with BuzzNtheBurgh.com

JK picks cancer survivor to feature in 3rd segment of Buzz Babes

Interview By: Josh King@JoshK65

Each week our  Media Consultant, Josh King, will select a babe from Pittsburgh area  to feature for his new weekly segment, “JK’s featured girl“. For his 3rd selection of the never ending series, #65 has selected a cancer survivor that just recently appeared in the Netherlands Playboy edition.



Today is “World Cancer Day”. This picture was taken 9 years ago while I was enduring chemotherapy. It’s been almost 9 years that I’ve been in remission and I never knew that February 4th was dedicated to fighters, survivors and angels until I heard about it yesterday. I used to be embarrassed of these pictures and some may question why I’m so open about it. I am proud. Proud to be a fighter and proud to be a survivor. A special shout out to a beautiful girl who is currently battling cancer. Ms. Dakota ️ Prayers sent your way pretty girl. Hugs and kisses to all current fighters, those who have survived and to the angels who are no longer with us,” –Taken from her Mia Bella’s  Official Facebook page.


Mia Bella – Official Facebook page February 2013


We sat down with Mia Bella and interviewed her before we had any idea that she was a cancer survivor or on Playboy. This will be a first of a 5 part series over 2014 that will examine Mia’s career and inspirational story

The super sexy Pittsburgh native’s Facebook’s cover.

@joshk65: What exactly is your cover on your Facebook representing?


My cover photo on Facebook is a promotional banner for myself that a fan made. It’s regarding this upcoming Julys “Playboy Miss Social” contest. Miss Social by Playboy is a monthly non-nude social media competition. Contestants compete against one another through daily and weekly challenges that exist on this site and across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Contestants earn votes by winning Challenges and are also awarded votes by Judges throughout the month.The competition starts of the 1st of each month and runs until the last day of each month. The contestant who advances through the Finals and receives the most votes in the Final Round is crowned Miss Social for that Month“. Anybody is welcomed/allowed to sign up as a judge via www.playboymisssocial.com and vote monthly for the participating women. The winner of this contest receives a photo shoot (either nude or non nude) with Playboys photographer, a trip to the mansion and to be welcomed into the Playboy family. Runner up, 3rd and 4th places also received prizes,” – said Mia Bella


That sounds liked a wicked awesome event. What did you find to be the most hip or cool thing about that experience? 

Mia wanted to wish everyone a happy hump day before she answered


“This event was very cool because although I finished as only runner up it gave me lots of exposure..both negative and positive but its better to be talked about than not. I have since been asked to do more modeling projects in Pittsburgh, have been contacted by Playboy themselves, receive invites to parties at the mansion and was able to talk to and thank some my fans (new found friends).” -Mia Bella


This contest helps my career in modeling by getting my name and face out there. Some people are lucky and get discovered by others, but the ones who don’t have to work for it and promote themselves until they get somewhere (even if that means annoying others with your self promoting Facebook posts lol). I’ve since been asked to shoot with several amazing Pittsburgh photographers whom I wouldn’t have been introduced to other wise. I believe having “Playboy Miss Social December 2013 Runner up” is great to have on my modeling resume.  I am also a part of the “Links and Laces” finals competition in Palm Springs come May and having done the Playboy Miss Social Contest will boost my chances of winning.” – Mia Bella

  Mr. Anthony Bail is someone to look up to.

@joshk65: Describe your boyfriend’s support and what it means to you.

  @BellaMia_xo: Honestly, I’m pretty amazed by his ability to set the normal boyfriend “jealousy” card aside and support me. Anthony is very confident within himself to know that I’m all his :) I feel as if most boyfriends wouldn’t even be able to handle the thought of it. Anthony was a tremendous help in my contest and will be come July for the next contest. As a couple we’ve had to endure a lot in our relationship so this was nothing.

    Again, this was a typical interview with a model. I had no idea the circumstances and what she had to overcome. That changed the game completely. I felt it was important for people to see this for we are all too quick to judge. Most people, girls especially would have disliked Mia for her beauty. We will be featuring her story routinely on Buzzntheburgh.com as it needs to be told. Truly an inspirational person. – @joshk65

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