Pets are furry members of our our family, we want only the best for them.  When it comes to the food, treats we feed them to the toys we let them play with we only want high quality.  Petagogy of Pittsburgh is that pet store, that sells high quality food and pet supplies.  We are pleased to announce that they will be our July’s Buzz N’ The Burgh Pet sponsor. 

Saturday I went to visit the store, it was spacious and full of anything and everything you would ever want or need for your furry friend!

When I first walked in there was a wall of toys, for every size dog!  Have a small dog and a large dog, well you can buy the same toy for both, but their specific size!  I was also instantly greeted by the nice gentleman behind the counter, who was not only friendly but knew his stuff.  Having a new puppy can be scary, not all dogs have the same digestive system or teeth.  He was helping a couple find the right treats for their new puppy.

Not only do they have toys for every size dog, but treats and food for different types of animals.  Looking for an organic vegan non-gmo wet cat food?  But, don’t worry they have more than just organic vegan non-gmo food.  They have food for different digestive systems of cats and dogs.  They even have a freezer with frozen bone marrow!!  Don’t feel like buying a whole bag of treats?  Well they have a wall of treats where you can just grab just one or two!  They even have fresh duck feet on the treat wall!

Looking for a new feeding dish? They have a vareity of sizes, colors & to choose from. My favorite was the beCoBowl, they are made from natural bamboo and are durable for those animals who love to chew their bowls.  They also have cool ceramic bowls that have been handmade and painted.  Looking for a holder for the bowls?  They also have handmade bench style feeding stations at all different heights for different size animals.

Also, there are how many inventions out there to hold your empty poop bags, but what about full poop bags?  Petagogy is the home of the patented Poo Wrangler!  This awesome invention easily attaches to your leash & holds those nasty poop bags.

Petagogy really does have everything your cat and/or dog will ever need.  We would love for you to check out their website @ Petagogy.com then head over to their store at 5880 Ellsworth Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15232.  Also, if you visit and you live within a mile of the store you will receive FREE, yes free delivery to your house!

Remember to like them on Facebook @ Facebook.com/Pages/Petagogy & Twitter @ Twitter.com/Petagogy.

If you are a new pet owner or looking to become a pet owner PLEASE head over there to talk to them.  They are well educated in animals, they know all about the products they sell and are pet owners.  They can tell you which food, toys and treats will be great for your animal.

Here are a couple of important dates for Petagogy you should know about!

Warm Weather Art Walk Yappy Hour – September 4th from 6-9pm
Biggies Bullies Meet Adopt-A-Bulls – September 19th

Always remember, pets are a lot of work and time.  If you do not have the time to spend with them remember do not adopt.  If you do have a an animal that you cannot take care of or need to find a new home visit CARMAA Pet Adoption.

Also, don’t forget to get those animal pictures and biographies in before July 30th, we will be announcing the prize for the Petagogy gift card on July 31st!

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us when you visit the Petagogy store by using hashtag(s) #BuzzNTheburgh & #Petagogy.

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