Those hot summer days are here, leaving us parched and sweaty. In summer there is just one drink that quenches our thirst, sweet and delicious lemonade. June 12th (tomorrow) we celebrate this delicious nectar with National Lemonade Day. So squeeze those lemons life has handed you, add sugar, water & optional vodka, raise that glass and enjoy.      

This National Lemonade Day, let’s enjoy a nice cup of lemonade that gives back. There will be two Alex’s Lemonade Stands that will be serving cold cups of lemonade here in Pittsburgh.

The first location will be at the McKnight Elementary Shining Knights; the school has been raising money all year for this cause. Please visit their page @ AlexsLemonade.org/MyPage/1119465 to give an online donation; their goal is $1,000.

The second location will be at 658 Osage Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15243, selling from starting at 9am. Please visit their page @ AlexsLemonade.org/MyPage/1138634 to find out more information or make an online donation, their goal is to raise $400.

There will be multiple locations in Pittsburgh that will be selling delicious lemonade thru Alex’s Lemonade this summer. Please make sure to check out their stands, to find a Pittsburgh location visit AlexsLemonade.org/Search/Fundraisers.

Also, don’t forget you can create your lemonade stand this summer thru Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Share your own Pittsburgh lemonade recipe to help the cause, visit AlexsLemonade.org/Get_Involved.

Want to know more about lemonade and where it came from please visit TiffSetzler.Wordpress.com/National-Lemonade-Day.  Maybe you just want to make some of your own delicious lemonade, check out some of these delicious recipes on Pinterest @ Pinterest.com/Tiff-Setzler/Fresh-Squeezed.

Lastly don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram, #BuzzNTheBurgh & #NationalLemonadeDay!

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