January 30, 2014

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Media Press Owner sits down with Pittsburgh Buzz

Media Press

Media Press Owner Sean Rakidzich, pictured on the far right, sold newspapers in grocery stores back in 2007. Fast forward to 2014, the successful Wisconsin transplant has called Houston his home. Sean flew me down to get a look at his luxurious lifestyle in the spring of 2013 and I was amazed at how someone in their mid 20’s could become so powerful. Sean took time out of his busy life of dating models and frequenting the finer places in the country to sit down with Buzzntheburgh.com for an interview.


@Joshk65-:Thanks Sean for sitting down with us.Everybody wonders the same thing about you so I’ll be the one to ask- how did you become successful?

Rakidzich:  People usually ask how I became successful, what main trait I have that made me successful or what the secret to success is. I most frequently reply that desperation was the catalyst in my journey to success. Being in an impossible situation can make one accomplish the impossible.

@joshk65: How did your company get started and what is it like being in charge of multiple markets?

Rakiidzich:  It started with a phone call. I called  a newspaper in Corpus Christi during a Christmas vacation in Port Aransas.  It only took them until April to call me back.

As for running multiple markets.. The discipline it takes to allow entire cities and/or regions to run without your direct and daily influence is really more about humility than cunning.  There comes a time after however failed campaigns for expansion where leaders in a company need to stop and realize the question isn’t “how can I do this?” and ask “Why am I not able to do this alone?”

@joshk65: Your a Wisconsin boy with the richest of the country as neighbors in a city that is known for Wealth in Houston. What’s that like?Rakidzich:  It really seems like two different worlds! Everyone I’ve known growing up in Wisconsin is looking for a way out. Everyone I meet now in Houston has been looking for a way in, and now a way up. For these young up and comings Houston is like a gladiatorial arena. For those of us with opportunity to offer there is not a better place to acquire new talent.

@joshk65: What is your company’s goal in 2014?

Rakidzich:  My largest goal for 2014 would be to become a better friend, and to be more human.  The danger of starting a company is you can become lost within it.

 @joshk65: Discuss some of the perks of being a young successful business owner in one of the richest areas of the country.

Rakidzich: Answering this could make me a braggart.. I can say, though, that Houston has unparalleled dining. And since I’m still young I can work off the desserts!  The city of Houston has really stepped up to offer great amenities to young professionals that move hear. because of that I feel more at home here around other success stories than I would in another, less agile, metro area.

We thank Sean for granting this interview. I’ll be writing about my experience visiting Sean in an accompanying article that can be found right here on Buzzntheburgh.com

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