January 7, 2014

First Pet of the Week

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Jada Sanders is the first Pet of the Week for 2014

This sad lab misses his sibling daily.

For the earlier part of the decade, two friendly Labs would greet patrons of Carol Sanders beauty shop in Everson when they would go for a hair cut.

Unfortunately, there is only one friendly Labrador greeting Carol’s customers now.

Jada Sanders is a 10-year-old lab whose eyes look sad more often than not these days. That’s because last Christmas, Jada’s twin sister Lucy sadly passed away. When lumps started appearing last week on Jada, her owners Carol, Phil, Jim, and Chip all were upset, thinking that Jada potentially could have cancer. They took her to the Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital and were relieved to find out that Jada is cancer free and healthy.

Jada’s personality has always been laid back.

She was rescued, along with Lucy, years ago at an animal shelter in Uniontown. Owning two black Labs, was never in the original plan. When Carol and her son Phil arrived at the shelter they saw the two twins together and immediately knew they had to adopt both of them.

Their personalities were quite opposite. Lucy ate whatever, while Jada was picky. Lucy was the protector of the house and Jada was routinely a calm dog. When Lucy died, Jada mourned with the rest of the family.

“She’s my queen! My best friend, and we are so happy to have her hopefully for a few more years,” said Carol.


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