Americas favorite pastime food is starting to make a comeback & in a healthier way.  Hot Dogs, who doesn’t love them?  But, we don’t love what we’ve been finding in them.  Luckily for anyone wanting a nice Hot Dog, there is a local business BullDawg’s.

Michael Bregman, owner of BullDawg’s, wasn’t always in the Hot Dog business.  He actually owned a Mini Mart in Bloomfield, when a local butcher to sell Hot Dogs during the lunch rush approached him.  Michael went out, purchased a Hot Dog cart and started selling Hot Dogs during the lunch rush.  From there he went on to sell food at the Bloomfield farmers market on Thursday nights.  Then two months later he was asked to sell food at East Liberty & South Side Market, but winter was coming he needed something more permanent with outdoor farmers markets closing.

Michael had to make a tough decision, continue selling Hot Dogs or keep his Mini Mart open.  He sat down with his butcher, crunched some numbers to see if it even would be possible to keep selling Hot Dogs.  Well the numbers made it possible, he called around looking for a location and ended up at the Pittsburgh Public Market.

With summer coming, BullDawg’s will not only be in the Pittsburgh Public Market, but all four city park farmers markets (click here for Pittsburgh Farmers Markets).

Within the next couple years you will see more Hot Dog stands around the city, maybe even a food truck.  He wants to eventually own another store front, but this time taking a stab at the restaurant business.  Maybe one day Pittsburgh will have it’s very own BullDawg’s cafe, but for now just keep a lookout for those Hot Dog stands at farmers markets.

Also, Hot Dogs are their main food, but they do sell other foods.  If you have a sweet tooth they have homemade fudge from Sinful Sweets, beef jerky, meatball subs, local condiments from Byler’s Relish House and much more.  For a full menu @ BullDawg’s please click here.

Currently BullDawg’s only has a Facebook; so don’t forget to follow @ Facebook.com/BullDawgsPGH. If you have any questions please email Michael @ bulldawg0721@gmail.com

Don’t forget to share your pictures on Instagram #BullDawgs & #BuzzNTheBurgh.

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