September 7, 2011


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CannonBall: http://hulkshare.com/qtbk88ahp98w
End of the Week: http://hulkshare.com/yyz0hjw3ng8r
Round of Applause: http://hulkshare.com/k4l5qyq07nw0

STATE OF THE ART Mixtape link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zntsxez91ppsvpr

Press Release:
Sept. 5, 2011

As an official release, Anthem Culture presents State of the Art. Using this popular phrase in a new manner, B Shels treats this mixtape as a mere museum displaying artwork which translates to be the songs of the mixtape. State of the Art brings a fresh sound to the music scene.

Being produced entirely by B Shels creates a uniform sound that meshes the whole mixtape into a solidified project. Songs such as CannonBall and Drive Slow tend to focus on his flowing ability and clever wordplay. Other songs such as Round of Applause and End of the Week demonstrate an incredible ability for formulate an entire song while still maintaining his charisma of having a fun and energitic, yet laid back and relaxed rhyming skills.

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