February 5, 2014

American Idol Winner Kris Allen

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Buzzntheburgh.com interviews Kris Allen,
former American Idol winner

Kris Allen at Altar Bar: ‘American Idol’ winner to play show in Pittsburgh next week.

By: Josh King – Twitter- @joshk65

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania-  American Idol returns to Fox this week. Millions of viewers are expected to tune in as usual to the ultra successful show that now enters its 13th season. People from all walks of life make the show a priority to watch. Kris Allen, the winner of season 8, will keep an eye on the show from afar.

“I don’t set my stop watch, but I do go back and watch stuff online to keep up,” said Allen, the talented musician who broke into the music business by winning the hit reality competition in 2009.

During that eighth season of American Idol, Allen famously beat out an incredibly talented field that featured the gifted Adam Lambert. It was the type of victory that helped Allen make his dream of performing music a reality. 5 years later, it’s obvious that Allen still has that excitement about his craft. “As cheesy as it sounds, I love to travel and play music so right now I’m having the best time of my life” said Allen.

Allen is touring and working on a new record, but still embraces the role he played in the American Idol franchise. The competition on that particular season is unforgettable in a lot of fans eyes. The extremely high ratings also gives a constant reminder for how many people tuned in to watch Allen and Lambert compete to the very end with Allen ultimately being voted the winner.

Instantly after winning that season, Allen became a household name. Allen is always respectful for the fans wishing to get a picture or an autograph. “I’ll drop everything I’m doing if a fan wants to take a picture or has a request,” said Allen. Fame always can be a double edged sword, but Allen claims that his fans are extremely respectful for the most part. “I mean one time this lady came out of nowhere and grabbed my arm and literally took food out of my mouth, which I remember thinking, Ok that’s a little weird!” exclaimed Allen.

The spotlight and attention he has received since winning the competition has been welcoming and a blessing in the musician’s life. He is extremely humble as he talks about how he was fortunate just enough to be featured on the show, let alone win. ” I was incredibly lucky to be on the show,” said Allen. “I almost viewed it before as an unattainable type of thing unless you were incredibly lucky.”

He is touring currently as a warm up to get his toes wet to play even more shoes. Allen is excited to be able to play at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, February 11th. “This is only my 2nd time coming to Pittsburgh, and I’m really looking forward to it!” exclaimed Allen.

The show is being promoted by Drusky Entertainment and Allen will be performing at the Altar Bar. Details are listed below. Josh King is a contributing writer for Trib Total Media as well as Media Consultant for Drusky Entertainment.


Kris Allen Performance

Tue, February 11, 2014 – 7:00PM Show 6:00PM – Doors All Ages – $18 Advance / $20 Door

Altar Bar

1620 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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