February 19, 2014

American Honey Model Lyndi Jo DeLisio

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Buzzntheburgh.com presents an interview with

American Honey Model Lyndi Jo DeLisio

Interview By: Josh King@JoshK65

A local model who has appeared in commercials as a American Honey Model “She’s down to Earth too!”


Q: Describe the high school you went to, what you wanted to be, and how you realized that you can make a career in modeling.

I’m from a small suburb town, Ellwood City which is North of Pittsburgh. It’s a little Italian town where everyone knows everyone. (which can be good and bad) High school was normal, I had a lot of great friends and good times. I had no idea at that point where or what I wanted to do as a career. Everyone always told me I should be a model because I was tall and thin, but I never thought I would actually go that route. I entered into college planning to be a Stock Broker and ended up changing to Marketing my junior year. After college, I was offered many promotional modeling jobs that set me on my way to becoming signed with a modeling agency in the city. I started building a portfolio with local photographers and then just went for it. The Talent Group signed me in 2009 and I’ve been on a roll ever since. Modeling and fashion is a passion of mine and a great side job, but I also work full time as a Director of Marketing for a mortgage company where I actually just got licensed as a Mortgage Broker. (isn’t it funny how I somehow found my way back to a financial broker?) Modeling has introduced me to a different type of life where I get the opportunity to meet so many people in and out of the industry. I’m very thankful to get to pursue a passion of mine as a professional part of my life.


Q: In your fame and lust photo shoot are both of those images you? Even if it isn’t describe that shoot and what it was like. It’s very provocative yet classy.


OfficialLyndiJo:  The fame and lust shoot is the first shoot I did with another model years ago. So to answer your questions, no, both images are not me. We wanted to do something very artsy with great meaning and I think we pulled it off. It was a fun shoot and we even made a little music video to go along with it. It definitely had an edge!


Q: Talk about the American Honey commercial. All that was involved. Where you went, what it was like. How big that was for your career.


OfficialLyndiJo:  Winning the American Honey competition was huge. They really gave me the experience of a lifetime. They flew me to Austin Texas for a week to shoot the calendar and other advertisements. Also, flew me to Chicago for a long weekend to do promotions and photo shoots around the city. It was a blast! I would see my photos pop up on Pandora and Yahoo for the entire year after. I had people on the West coast tell me they would see me everywhere. It was a really cool feeling. Obviously, this type of exposure would helped boost modeling career.


Q: When you went to South Beach for that photo shoot. You exude confidence. As you get older, are you feeling more and more into your body? Not saying that your earlier work is lacking because it’s great but you have can clearly see how confident you are. Explain any points brought up.


OfficialLyndiJo: The South Beach shoot was amazing. We were on a private beach in Miami with a team of great people and my best friend even got to come along. I feel as you get older you become more confident in your own skin and as a model you learn how to project that confidence into the camera. Beauty comes from within and it reflects on the outside as well, so you always have to be in a positive mind frame when shooting.


Q: Creepers. Talk about some examples of people just totally creeping. Does it worry you at times, what precautions you have to take.


OfficialLyndiJo:  With today’s technology I do worry about potential creepers/stalkers, so I ensure to always make smart decisions on who I work with. There are many people who try to get a rise out of me, but I’m nice to everyone and will never let outsiders affect me or my life.

Lyndi Jo DeLisio

Advice to girls who don’t feel sexy.

Work what you have! Everyone is sexy in their own way.

My number one piece of advice is gain confidence in yourself, there is nothing sexier.

Q: Lastly, where you plan on going next in your career. What’s lined up.


OfficialLyndiJo: I’m always open to new opportunities and growing in different areas of my career. I will continue to model and work as a Marketing professional. Also, I’ve obtained my MBA degree and mortgage broker license, so I’m currently implementing them both into my career.

& of course, I’m always coming up with new ways to take over the world so stay tuned!

American Honey Photo Shoot

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