January 28, 2014

Tommy Chong

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Tommy Chong tells DECENTLY FUNNY
Acid changed my life

By: Josh King – @joshk65

A legend in the cannabis community, Tommy Chong sat down with the Decently Funny Podcast host Nuzzy and the Guy. Below is a link for the full interview. Some great work by the podcast once again!

Check out this classic episode of
DECENTLY FUNNY with the great Tommy Chong!

The Chong and Chong Show with Tommy Chong is an insightful and hilarious look at the world of marijuana focusing on both the impact it has had on culture and comedy.

Tommy Chong is a living legend, and Nuzzy & Guy must have been high to think they could get him to do their show. But they got him, and it was amazing! We learn how Mr. Chong began his career, where he met Cheech, his other creative passions, what life is. Also, why did the boys start the show at 4 PM? Find out about 20 minutes in.

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BuzzNtheBurgh: Tommy Chong


“When I did acid my whole life changed. I went from a musician to a comedian,” – Tommy Chong

“All I needed was to put on a record and then I laughed until I was sick. I saw my whole life in front of me after that joint. The next day I quit school.I saw what I wanted to do which was music, especially blues. – Tommy Chong

In the interview he reveals that he is not a Pink Floyd fan. Be sure to check it out!

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