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Interview By: Josh King@JoshK65

Teddy Geiger will be coming to Pittsburgh
on Wednesday, February 12th

The talented musician will appear @Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square. The show is brought to Pittsburgh by Drusky Entertainment, fresh off winning the best promoter award for the 4th year in a row.

Teddy Geiger has been very busy co-writing/co-producing, but will be performing his own music at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square this Wednesday night. Geiger is fresh off of his success as a co-writer/co-producer with  “Little Black Dress” on One Directions latest album Midnight Memories – which debuted at #1 in 27 countries. Not only has Geiger found success with one direction in that capacity, but he is also co-writing + featuring on “Love & Run” -a single by Tiesto – one of the biggest disc jockeys in the world.

Teddy Geiger burst into the music scene in 2006. I remember this all to well because I broke up with my high school girlfriend for a freshmen. I was inspired because of this particular music video that Mr. Geiger provided the world with, “For you I will” (Confidence).

Buzzntheburgh interviews teddy geiger

Since turning to journalism full time at the end of 2013, I’ve interviewed many musicians, professional athletes, and people in the entertainment industry. There is only one other musician that I’ve ever interviewed that is as humble as Geiger. That other  musician is American Idol winner of season 8,  Kris Allen. Ironically, Allen will be in Pittsburgh on Tuesday at www.thealtarbar.com

Not only are fans familiar with Geiger for his music, but he also had a huge role in the 2008 movie, “The Rocker“. He played a key part as Curtis, the lead singer of the band featured in the film, alongside Emma Stone, Rainn Wilson, and Josh Gad. The role of his mother was played by Christina Applegate. Other famous actors in the film included Bradley Cooper, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Arnett.

Geiger talked extensively about how funny Josh Gad was. “Emma and I knew each other from the Partridge Family,” said Geiger in reference to the former show on VH1. 

Geiger’s skills as a musician will be on full display at the Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday. “I’m looking forward to coming to Pittsburgh. I’ll be playing a good bit of my first album and a bunch of stuff from my 2nd album as well,” said Geiger.

For the fans that enjoyed that hit music video from 2006, the one  featuring Geiger and the breathtaking Kristin Cavallari,  they would be interested to know that Geiger portrayed himself in that music video. “I remember I was a huge nerd right up until that year,” said Geiger with a sly chuckle.

Geiger went to an all boys school that had a good music program. “My first real experience was during the summer of my sophomore year. I auditioned for Billy Mann who knew a bunch of people from Columbia Records,” said Geiger. When he was in high school, life was simple for Teddy. “I had a project studio in my basement nothing crazy, an sound old mixer. A lot of recording, demoing,  and promoting my website,” said Geiger when asked him how he spent about his high school days.

On Wednesday, fans can see exactly how much Geiger has evolved as a musician. With his first album, “Underage Thinking”  approaching the 10 year anniversary, the influences on Geiger have changed. “Being someone who is 25, but still me, just more experience,” said Geiger. He continued,  “I listen to everything ranging from One Republic to Vampire Weekends.”

As for fame changing Geiger he made it clear it hasn’t. “I hang out with the same crowd, one of the dudes is even living in LA too,” said Geiger the Rochester native  has just made LA his full time home.  He has been focusing on many different elements of the music industry. “A lot of writing and production, I’ll always try different things,” said Geiger.

After his debut album in 2006 reached the billboards at #8, Teddy Geiger has that luxury to just be Teddy Geiger. Treat yourselves and see him perform live at the Hard Rock Cafe this Wednesday night. Fans can purchase tickets online @ druskyentertainment.com

Drusky Entertainment Presents

Teddy Geiger Acoustic Duo

A Backseat Romance, Russell Howard, Alex Tinker and Kevin Garrett

Wed, February 12, 2014

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

$12.00 – $14.00

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