Pittsburgh Buzz:  Soul Khan Interview

Retired battle rapper talks music career, Pittsburgh, and cult status.

Article By: Josh King

Soul Khan confirms Battle Rap Retirement


In an effort to advance his music career, the heroic cult figure in underground rap battles will walk away from the battle scene on top and stay there despite temptation to prove he still is the best. In 2008, Noah Weston, aka Soul Khan retired and with the emergence of YouTube he has become a house hold name in some areas of the nation. Some of his rap battles and solo performances have over 300,000 views on the popular social media broadcasting website. He reiterated to Pittsburgh Buzz that he will not return to the battle scene despite possible temptations.


“I probably won’t ever do it again. Unless my music really takes off. The holdup of me battling is that in the American music industry is kind of a stigma. I’d rather not gamble on that just to prove a point. I have a family to take care of,” –Soul Khan when asked by the Pittsburgh Buzz if there is any possibility of him ever battle rapping again.


Soul Khan came to Pittsburgh in October and performed at the Smiling Moose. Pittsburgh artists Real Deal and Delusions of Grandeur opened up for him. Real Deal is a local battle rapper who was featured on BET a few months prior to the show. Delusions of Grandeur has been gaining a lot of popularity and Soul Khan has high praise for the group known as D.O.G.


“They were very energetic. The crowd was responsive and the group had great representation. I definitely love Pittsburgh and hopefully will be back in a season or two,” Soul Khan said.


Since retiring from the battle rapping scene, Soul Khan has been focusing on his music. His first album, Soul like Khan has been released and sponsors have been working with him to release more in the future. His online videos have been in high demand and his philosophy on fans is possibly the main reason. “I like to think of my fans as community,” said Soul Khan.


With artist like Soul Khan coming to Pittsburgh to perform, it reinforces the town’s reputation for having a “Buzz” in the music industry.


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