January 17, 2014

Something Ugly




By: Josh King | Twitter Handle: @joshk65



 I don’t like to write first person music reviews, but I would be cheating humanity if I did not tell this particular tale. There is an unknown world of independent music in this new world that we now live in.

With the emerging modern advances that the internet has to offer and more users than ever before interacting online, everything on the internet, especially music related could blow up over one shared click.

 I just flew back in from Houston where I had spent 10 days enjoying first class living with a CEO of a newspaper company. I met a lot of people down there that were very powerful. They knew the music scene and there were all variations of it. I was rolling with the richest kids in the country. My best Men’s Warehouse suit was considered poor man’s clothing to these kids. It as all a status symbol. Just like the music.

They paid beautiful women to strike poses just based of their beauty. Each bartender was beautiful. The older people had youthful joy in their eyes and were obviously enjoying themselves. What I noticed though was the variation of music. There were rich kids listening to hip hop. All kinds of hip hop. They had billboards for internet radio stations.

Nestled in Everson, Pennsylvania was a house that was dimly lit. It was known for being opposite in terms of heat and having plenty of space. Perhaps in the summer months- a tad too warm but it still was a place called home. The house had many different artist appearing daily to record this CD. I was over the house quite often,considering one of my best friends lived in the house as well.I listened to them produce the entire CD almost and was amazed by the amount of effort put into it. I didn’t particularly care for any of these kids growing up. Listening to their music in this CD and almost telling their story really made me appreciate people for people. I’m more of a shock jock in terms of writing personality but this really hit home to me to be a better person.


Beasleys Corner Bodega


Since it’s release in October 2013, this CD hasn’t left my car’s CD player. I would play it for multiple people who would ride in my vehicle and certain tracks they have no idea that they aren’t hits. On this CD from start to finish its really great work.

 From a producer stand point, Steve did an excellent job building his portfolio to have Nate Fox even work with him in the first place. Anytime you have Nate Fox published work in the same year that he appears in Rolling Stone’s top charts, you must be doing something right.

The songs on the CD that Nate Fox is  involved are no doubt top quality. Everybody on the tracks sounds efficient. Having credibility with Fox was one thing,but it also gave Steve a chance to get serious glances from talent agency’s which he in fact has now.

 Perhaps the best track on the CD in my opinion is #8 Roll One. The beat is by Nate Fox and I feel once discovered, it could be a hit on FM and XM radio potentially in 2014. Especially with the evolving music industry looking for different revenue sources. There is a market for Strangers With Candy

Zuess and Jimbell are featured quite often and they killed it each time. Zuess created the beat for the 11th song on the CD, Tony Montana. His vocal talent is on clear display in all of his tracks especially Track #2, “T*ts Out.” Jimbell also met exceedingly high expectations,but his line from track 10, The Gutta was perhaps the song that may help build an even broader following.Butch Cassidy made his debut on one could appreciate his graphic style, but after interviewing his friends and associates, that’s the same real life personality that he has. Cassidy talks about owning guns, but you can’t blame him for the fact that a few years a gun saved his life. That incident happened after a party in which the guilty party tried to high jack him and thankfully Cassidy had a permit and a gun to protect himself. You can’t blame a guy for being paranoid.

My brother Noah made his debut on the CD. I enjoyed it because for him making a debut on any track, to be published with Nate Fox is a good thing for any artist.

 Josh Hernly impressed me with his ability to really show his soul in his music. Each track represents a tale in his personal life and when you piece them together, it’s not hard to see a sad, but almost joyous remorse. The CD shows his true passion to succeed and obviously showed talent.

Steve’s relentless hours mastering his craft and putting the entire thing together was one hell of a job. As the music industry continues to become a more friendly environment for artists like Steve, with hard work it is already evident that he has a fan base that wouldn’t have been possible if not for social media. That is a good thing. To accompany his work ethic, it will be a treat to watch him and his personal achievements. This CD was a great step toward a self sufficient career, The evolution of social media can potentially make something ugly’ into something famous’ thanks to the quality of that music.

Also, keep an eye out for Zuess and Jimbell moving forward in 2014. All 3 have some individual work that you all may enjoy.


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The view of the world and the town that two brothers live in. This is real. This is raw. This is Something UGLY!!


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