January 29, 2014

Real Deal Interview

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Real Deal Interview

Real Deal: Gets Buzzed With BuzzNtheBurgh.com

Interviewed By: @JoshK65

In your words describe the feeling of seeing yourself on
Root Sports commercials this past summer.

It was dope man, especially since I love football so much. They had it as the theme the year before as well. First time I saw it I was like “damn, that’s gonna be a weekly theme too”.  Made me think of Ludacris song for Madden years ago lol.

Being featured on BET – what it was like.

At the time it was different.  It wasn’t recorded live but seeing and working with Bow Wow and the professionalism and multiple camera views, it was dope. However when I had the opportunity to watch it back man it was surreal.  It was like one of the proudest moments I ever had in my life.  I just wished my mom was there to see it.

What do you say to establishments in Pittsburgh
that frown on hip hop and name a venue that has
turned down a show in progress if any.

Well I can’t say some of them don’t have a dog in the fight.  How many times have people at hip hop venue’s acted like asses ya know.  Blatantly smoking weed out in the open when it has been established it’s not that kind of gig. Hassling door men and demanding discount to get in. But sometimes it’s flat out racist. I was stopped mid performance at Buckheads just because it was a rap show.  I think maybe let promoters and whoever is involved know the leash will be a little shorter for their show.

Career as a teacher and what the support of
the students and faculty at your school and what its like?

I really try to separate the 2.  The students definitely at this point are unaware and I try to keep it that way.  Some of the faculty know and when they watch it are like “wow, that’s awesome”.  I don’t really market it though lol.

Your goals for 2014!

To take that next step.  To make music the primary focus. Cut back on battles and cut back on stress.


Real Deal – “Right Where I Wanna Be”
Directed by Chris “Mindbender” Longo



More About Real Deal


Born and raised in the Steel City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Trevor Weller epitomizes what the town is about.  Hard working with an understanding that you get in what you put in.  An emcee who has grinded in the local circuit performing alongside the likes of Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Lil Scrappy, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and countless others.  Real Deal is most notably known for a battle career that has spanned over 5 years.  Real Deal has traveled the globe butting heads with the worlds most respected battlers and coming out victorious more often than not.  Starting out with stage battles and the local circuit Real earned a name for himself in early 2005 while running through the competition.  Real Deal is a 4 time winner of one of the most grueling emcee competitions the city has seen “Rhyme Calisthenics”. 

In 2007 he decided to throw his hat in the legendary scribblejam and was eventually eliminated in the second round.  Real came back stronger in 2008 winning the scribble preliminaries in Cleveland but was once again ousted in the second round at Scribble.  All was not lost however as this would be the event where Real would get an offer to try his efforts in Grindtime, a relatively new battle league created by and ran by successful battlers.  Real debuted in November of 2008 in Indianapolis against a local established battle emcee, the rest was history.  In the 3 years since then Real has battled in 4 different countries and over 30 different cities. 

He has gained national recognition as one of the top battle emcees and his city even awarded him with “Battle Rapper of the Year” in 2009.  Most recently Real Deal has proven his worth on in the legendary SMACK battle arena.  Musically Real combines raw lyricism with intricate song concepts and real substance.  Real Deal released his debut album “The Renaissance” in 2007 and his sophomore effort “The Working Mans Emcee” in 2010.  In August of 2012 Real Deal was selected to perform the intro song for Thursday Night high school football on ROOT SPORTS.  In March of 2013 he released his third album “Fight or Flight Mode”.  In June of 2013 he was one of 8 emcees to compete on live television on BET for the Ultimate Freestyle Friday competition.


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