August 10, 2013

Ray Dawn Music

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Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Trailer)



Ray Dawn Music


After the success of “Last Sleep of Arthur,” Pittsburgh rapper Ray Dawn has yet another hip hop classic under way. The “En Plane Air” EP is 7 tracks of all original music with production from Ohini Jonez and Danimal. Check out the “En Plane Air” trailer and download the EP below. “En Plane Air” dropped TODAY on Live Mixtapes and RayDawnMusic.com







Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Trailer)


 Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Trailer)

Published on Aug 7, 2013


RayDawnMusic.com presents:


Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Trailer)

The official trailer for Ray Dawn’s new EP, COMING SOON!


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Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Trailer) – Buzzntheburgh.com


More Ray Dawn Music: RayDawnMusic.com



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