Summer is coming, what about a nice cool popsicle to keep you cooled down?  Even better, what about an all natural pop to keep you cooled down?  Instead of those immutation flavored, sugar things called snow cones, how about something with real flavor and won’t hurt your tummy.  Check out this new up and coming company called Popsburgh!

In the past couple years people have really been opening their eyes to what they put in their body!  Living a healthier lifestyle and asking “What really is in my food?”.  With summer coming, there really isn’t too many options to cool us down that are healthy.  You see kids with snow cones and freeze pops, processed dyed sugars & why do we give them to our kids?  Well because they want something cold and colorful, but there is no other option at events.  Well now in Pittsburgh there is, Popsburgh!

Founder Craig McCloud lived in Mexico & Guatemala, where he started making quick healthy cold snacks.  After many years he has developed his own recipies.  All natural, yummy and keeps you nice and cool!  A couple years ago he started to eat healthy with minimally processed and organic foods (aka clean eating).  He decided he could take his healthy lifestyle and start a commercial venue!!  In 2014 Popsburgh was created!!

Craig is currently working on obtaining a peddling licence from the city of Pittsburgh, so he can sell anywhere.  Right now you can find him at the Roberto Clemente Bridge on Pirates home game nights selling these yummy popsicles.  You’ll also find him up and down Penn Ave or in the summer Market Square.  More interested in where he will be, his website Popsburgh.com has an event calendar which he updates regularly.  You can also follow Popsburgh on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

In the next couple years Craig plans to expand.  He won’t just be riding around with his bike and trailer!  He plans on having the bikes and maybe one day a storefront.  Along with a storefront, he hopes to expand his business to more than just popsicles, something more year round.

For now, we just have to enjoy the delicious popsicles & just help Craig grow his business.  A couple ways to help him, well have the popsicles at your next event, maybe buy whole sale and/or even use them to fundraiser!!  Just contact Craig with your information, if event don’t forget the date, time and party # @ info@popsburgh.com.

Looking for a taste before you purchase? On April 19th from 1-4pm, the event Tasting & Testing Party will be happening @ the Pittsburgh Public Market.  Stop by and give them try and think about having these treats at your next get together.

Remember you read all about Popsburgh on Buzz N The Burgh.  Don’t forget to take pictures & share them on Instagram #Popsburgh & #BuzzNTheBurgh

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