August 29, 2013

Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2013

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Web Design Day 2013

October 25 & 26 2013

The best of web design in Pittsburgh for one amazing day. Now with workshops!

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Web Design Day 2013

Web Design Day August Update!

2013 marks the fifth Web Design Day. Five! We’re so excited! Starting in 2009, this event has aimed to bring the best of Web Design to Pittsburgh in a fun, intimate and affordable event. Organized by G. Jason & Val Head of Refresh Pittsburgh and Viewsource events, Web Design Day is designed to encourage the wonderful community of folks from Pittsburgh and beyond who work to make the web a better place. Check out what we did in 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009.



Web Design Day August Update!

If you’re registered for Web Design Day, this message will be hitting your inboxes shortly:

October is only a couple of months away now and we’re getting really excited to have you all here in Pittsburgh with us! We have two important updates for you:

#1 – The Hotel Group Rate Is Now Available! Yay!
The Hyatt Place North Shore has provided us a special rate of $189 per night for a double or single room for Web Design Day Attendees. To secure your room at this rate, use this link, or call them and ask to for the “Web Design Day Group Rate”.
If you’re still on the fence about where to stay, we’ve posted details on the Hyatt North Shore and other nearby hotels.
#2 – Workshops Seats Are Nearly Gone!

We knew they’d be popular, but Both our Extensible Working Processes in Responsive Design and Responsive Patterns workshops are nearly sold out.

If you haven’t already, Grab your ticket to spend a day, or half, talking responsive design with Brad Frost or Bearded. It’s going to be like an all day #RWD party at Left Field. (That’s Saturday October 26th, the day after the main conference day.)

Welcome, Latest Sponsors!
A huge thanks to our latest sponsors Wall to WallCoffee and Code, and the AIGA for helping us make Web Design Day as awesome as possible!
Would your company like to join them as the wonderful folks that are our sponsors? Get in touch with us.
We’re Here For You!
If you have any questions leading up to the event, we’re here to answer them! Email us at info@webdesignday.com or find us on twitter (@webdesignday) for anything Web Design Day related.
See you in October!
– Val & Jason


Workshops: Saturday October 26th

New for 2013! Two half-day workshops held at Left Field. Workshop tickets are sold separately for maximum schedule flexibility.

Morning Workshop:
Extensible Working Processes in Responsive Design

Like the universe itself, the Internet is constantly expanding, and the devices we use to access it are multiplying by the day. It should be clear by now that our attempts to match the pace of new Internet-enabled devices is a losing battle.

Responsive design has given us a sane path in an insane world, but keeping our footing in an ever-changing landscape requires us to embrace flux. We must plan flexible, modular solutions; with both our code and designs.

In this workshop Matt Griffin and Patrick Fulton (both of Bearded) will present a new mental model for approaching design problems on the multi-device web, as well as practical applications for our designs and code. We’ll look at some of the approaches we use at Bearded to help solve these problems, and delve into the inner workings of incorporating Sass, Compass, and Breakpoint into your workflow so you can:

  • Jump-start every project with a reusable starter kit
  • Be kind to your future self with more organized, maintainable code
  • Modularize your code to make it more friendly to future expansion
  • Come up with a design process and deliverables that allow for flexibility


Afternoon Workshop:
Responsive Patterns

As responsive web design continues to evolve, we’re confronted with difficult problems about how to create adaptive interfaces that look and function beautifully across many screen sizes and environments. How do we handle navigation that’s four levels deep? How do we deal with large data tables? How well do modules like lightboxes, tabs, embeddable maps and more translate to various contexts?

This workshop will take a detailed look at the pros, cons and considerations of many emerging responsive patterns, and will explain how to incorporate them meaningfully in your projects. You’ll come away with plenty to think about and plenty to implement when you get back to work.



Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2013



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