December 6, 2013

Patrick Joseph Interview

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Pittsburgh native finds success in Hollywood:
sits down with Pittsburgh Buzz for a great interview


Article By Josh King
Pittsburgh Post Gazette Freelancer
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Patrick Joseph Interview

Patrick Joseph did what most people in the Pittsburgh area fantasize about doing. Most people talk about leaving this cold, chilly city, and heading to LA where we’ve been told that everyday is warm and sunny. Most people talk about doing that, but a majority never do. Patrick Joseph made the journey.



Pittsburgh Buzz: You are from the Pittsburgh area so tell us where specifically.

Patrick Joseph:   I grew up in Shadyside, still one of my favorite places to hang. We lived pretty close to Walnut Street and it was nice being able to walk over there growing up to eat or poke around in shops. I went to high school at Vincentian Academy, up in the North Hills off of McKnight Road. It’s a small Catholic school, wasn’t much going on. I was always the music kid. Unfortunately the high school didn’t have a very big music program, but I did what I could to be involved. I was in the band of course, and made some music friends there who I started a few different bands with.

Pittsburgh Buzz: Your current music-you are a solo artist entirely correct?

Patrick Joseph:  Yeah that’s right. It just became easier to do it that way at some point. I was in quite a few bands in Pittsburgh where it was hard to get anything going because everybody had a different vision or idea for what should happen, and the band would be pulled into various directions. Or, we’d get something going but someone would move, go away to school, quit, etc. bands are hard to keep together and make work.

Pittsburgh Buzz: When you went to California, did you start performing right away or did it take a while?

Patrick Joseph:  It took awhile. I was kind of lost at sea for a good year or so and it took a long while to find my bearings. At first I just worked as a mix and recording engineer, trying to make ends meet, pay rent and what have you. It was a good way to meet people in the music world though and figure out how other artists were doing it and getting their name out there. After a year or so of that, I finally set out to start recording my first full length album and start playing some gigs around town.

Pittsburgh Buzz: What have been some of your favorite shows to play and why? What kind of venues in California do you play at?

Patrick Joseph:  I’d have to say that SXSW in Austin has been my favorite routine of shows to date. It’s just like spring break and mardi gras for music, the energy is always at the maximum and I always walk away feeling so good about the shows and performances. I do love playing in Toronto too though, there’s just something about the fans in that city that make you feel special, everybody’s so friendly. And of course, I was happy that my family got to see me perform at my homecoming show this past June in Pittsburgh, so that was special too. Here in California there are quite a few nice places to play – I’ve performed regularly at the reputable Hotel Cafe (which is neither a hotel nor a Cafe, go figure). It’s one if the country’s premiere songwriter venues, always has a great listening crowd.Also there’s a venue called The Satellite – I had a memorable show there a little over a year ago that has stuck with me. The Satellite used to be Spaceland, which is an iconic LA venue where a lot of talent got their starts over the years. I always like playing there any time I get the opportunity.



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