December 20, 2013

New Devin Miles

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New Devin Miles

Smoke Break (Remix) Ft. Dubb & Franchise [Prod. Kyle Justice]



Sitting atop his Pittsburgh city-view apartment window, keyboard beneath his fingers, Devin “Miles” Simmons plots and creates his musical path. Devin Miles is the product of a lifetime of music with the lyrics and rhythms necessary to carry his sound and mindset to any genre of listener.
His musical beginnings have no real root, rather a lifetime of training in Classical Piano and a childhood of trading verbal jabs brother-to-brother with his elder. In the dorms of Duquesne University, Miles and musical mate, Christo, began building a sound and sonic identity that would set out to break the boundaries set forth by one trying to make their own in the growing Pittsburgh music scene.
The release of, “Finding My Own” his introductory project in 2010, saw his music beginning to resonate with those that could hear and feel the honesty and craftsmanship that was built into every drumbeat and synth. An approach keen on patience and quality sound along with production for Mac Miller, a song feature with Juicy J, and connecting with The RLES (Real Life Entourage Shit) helped set the course for the musical takeover that Miles had known was destined.
The 2012 release of, “This is How I Live”, presented Miles to the masses, gaining acclaim from Hip-Hop staples like T.I. for the depth and the movie shot for the track, “The Good, the Bad & The Ugly”. His patient and well-crafted approach has led to being selected as a feature artist for the 2013 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, one of the countries biggest musical venues of the year.

Devin Miles is putting finishing touches on a soon to be released project and numerous other collaborations as the stage is set for Miles to display to the world what he has planned for all along. Most rappers will come and go, and leave behind some accomplishments, but Devin Miles is an Artist. The future through Mr. Miles eyes is, “a wealth of timeless music I plan to make for all of my peers and everyone to use as an escape, anything that could possibly help anyone in any situation.”As his vision turns from the Pittsburgh city-view of his apartment window back to the keyboard and microphone to his front, the next sonic creation sits at his fingertips; the next soulful verse emerges as he clears his throat and speaks to the world.




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