January 6, 2014

Michael’s Pizza Bar And Restaurant

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Michael’s Pizza Bar And Restaurant

Michael’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant is one of the most well kept secrets in the Pittsburgh area. Without a shadow of a doubt, they have one of the best pies in the region. It’s hard to imagine the South Side without this establishment. Michael’s is the perfect place for any social gathering. On Tuesday nights in the summer, their softball team never skips out on a trip to Michael’s. Some people on the team claimed that they only played for the team to join the festivities afterward at the restaurant.

Their bartenders are efficient and down to earth. The owner frequently closes up the establishment and often thanks both customers and workers for coming in. He is a true gentlemen and has always graciously took care of his softball team. A gangly group from Westmoreland county that loved Michael’s Pizza so much that they used the restaurant to name the team.

The prices are always reasonable and well worth every penny. A good friend of mine once said that Michael’s Pizza was the only establishment where it felt good paying the bill and I couldn’t agree more. Usually I like to keep my personal opinion out of these reviews, but as a contributor to this website I feel that it is crucial to put my name beside this recommendation. If your looking for a great place to take a date for Valentines Day – Michael’s Pizza is never a bad choice for any occasion!

Official Name: Michaels Pizza Bar & Restaurant
Address: 2612 Sarah St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone Number: (412) 381-6102




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