August 26, 2013

Louis Futon – Alright Alright EP

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Louis Futon – Alright Alright EP



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Louis Futon – Alright Alright | Download Entire EP

Say hello to a very new electronic producer / DJ duo Louis Futon based out of Philly. Today I have their Alright Alright EP, featuring 3 unbelievable songs. They have a Flume, Cashmere Cat downtempo / chill trap very fresh sound going  yet manage to spin their Philly flair leaving us with something you can’t quite classify. They have been nice enough give out this EP for free download, something that should go far for them. “Shoulda Known” might be my favorite  with “Felt” coming in second and the title track “Alright Alright” coming in last yet still amazing. Check it out, get lost in the sound of Louis Futon. And make sure to follow them on Facebook as they are so new they have under 1000 “Facebook Likes”. This is the start of a very bright future for these boys. Enjoy!


Download and Details: thissongissick.com/blog/2013/louis…ht-ep-download/

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