February 10, 2014

Lebanese and Irish hottie

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JK picks IVP bartender to feature 2nd

JK’s 2nd featured girl is a Lebanese and Irish hottie

Each week our  Media Consultant, Josh King, will select a babe from the bar/restaurant scene to feature for his new weekly segment, “JK’s featured girl“. For his second selection of the never ending series, #65 has selected a bartender who turned down tons of money from the adult entertainment industry. The beautiful Melissa Sarkis, sits down for an interview and she can be found at @ IVP Bar and Grill’s South Side location.

Melissa Sarkis is proud to announce that her heritage is both Lebanese and Irish.

Melissa’s heritage is Lebanese and Irish in case you forgot because of the picture.

Melissa declined multiple offers to become a stripper. “I would never be a stripper or even consider it. I have way too much respect! My self respect would really hold me back. I could never put myself out there like that.” said Melissa.

What guy doesn’t like a super sexy girl with a good head on her shoulders? The real winner is this guy in life. There’s dude’s out there that would throw $500,000 to get with a girl like this. Trust me, in Houston, I was a middle class peasant amongst the rich. Those Lebanese and Irish girls get paid top dollar and most of them take it. Actually all of them do. Is Melissa a great girl or hasn’t she been discovered by the mafia yet?
We got a few minutes to sit down with Melissa, who to no surprise was fending off guys at IVP Bar & Grill in South Side. A side-note is that their food is delicious and their prices are very nice for the South Side.

Josh King
“That’s admirable that you would never consider being a stripper. I know quite a few of them and they all say that it’s damn good money and your hotter. You have  had to been approached by modeling agency’s at the very least.” –@joshk65

Melissa Mae
“I used to be affiliated with a modeling agency when I was younger. I loved every second of it up until the time that they told me that once I signed a contract they would “own” me.  That meant that if they wanted me to cut my hair or dye it they could. Not to mention how they dressed me. I wasn’t okay with that at all, I’m my own person and if they didn’t want to accept that then I had no interest in working for them”. – @Melissa_Mae

Josh King
“So modeling wasn’t an option and never will be unless it’s on your own conditions, eh?” – @joshk65

Melissa Mae
“I would love to do modeling again sometime in the future, but my dream goal is to become a Victoria Secret’s model lol,  which will probably never happen, but hey I think that’s every girls dream!” – @Meliss_Mae

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Josh King
“So what was Melissa Mae all about in high school? Throw out some details. What were some things that you were into? What kind of guys did you date? I think a lot of both single and married guys are wondering the same thing. I’ll be the jackass to ask it.” – @joshk65

Melissa Mae
“I went to North Hills high school! I was definitely in my prime back then! I was never really into the whole school thing, but never really minded going because I love to socialize! I loved seeing my friends everyday! I was friends with everyone and was always doing something! I was very active whether it was going to a dance or going out! I was single most of my high school years because I was never really commitment ready! Even though I was single, I was obviously attracted to guys! Typically the “bad boys” you know your average guy thinks he’s a badass!” –@Meliss_Mae

Sorry to interrupt the interview, but I thought the good readers would enjoy a wonderful picture that Melissa was gracious enough to share with us. I can’t tell you how many times I went to IVP this summer!
– Note from JK
Josh King
“Well Melissa to wrap up the interview, I wanted to ask you what types of guys approach you. I’m sure IVP will have some new customers very soon thanks to this article. So give us some details in an effort to help the gentlemen with lousy game plans study up before they make themselves look bad. Tell us the best pickup line you’ve seen and naturally the worst. I would tell you to give a name so we could link his Facebook, but I potentially could have been that guy so I will not!” – @joshk65

Melissa Mae
“You did not have a cheesy pickup line at all unless buying hundreds of Red Bulls this summer was your way of flirting!”
(I’m sorry to interrupt Melissa’s answer here, but Red Bull per can in a South Side bar isn’t cheap, but why do you think I paid extra to buy from her? Don’t judge ladies- your boyfriends and husbands are probably guilty of the same damn thing!-JK)

I could not even count how many times I get hit on! Not to sound conceited at all, I’m sure my fellow bartenders out there can relate! People will say anything for a free drink. When I first started, I got flattered easily. Now, it’s just annoying. All types of people come to the bar and the attention is both positive and negative.
When I first started a guy in his 60’s came in around noon hammered drunk. He asked me why I wanted to be a bartender when I could have been a stripper. He started to take his shirt off, and keep this in mind,  it was when I first started bartending, it made me almost 2nd guess my decision.
A lot of people do a lot of crazy things so I’m used to it now. The best story of a guy hitting on me was at a bar crawl last year. A guy dressed up in all green with a cape and handed me a card that said “the chive”. On the card a note was written, I just wanted to inform you that you are very attractive, thank you and have a nice day! “His number was written on it.”- @Meliss_Mae

We thank Melissa for sitting down with us and will root for her to succeed in life!
Please excuse my hair in this photograph for it was during my hallucinogen phase where everything was a tad off. Notice my crooked tie in the picture. Thankful for Melissa giving us a great interview. Before I get another text from one of my buddies in Minnesota asking for another photo of Melissa I will grant one more picture with a caption for all to enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter here @joshk65. I am tracking who my last follower was and once I hit the 50th new follower, I will let Melissa pick the winner out of a hat in front of the bar manager at IVP Bar & Grill during a Pittsburgh Penguins away game and you can have a special meet & greet with Melissa. We will also include a picture of the winner and her that will be posted on Buzzntheburgh.com!

SPECIAL NOTE: ( Winner and 1 guest of winners choice will include meals and drinks. I will cover the entire check unless the good people at IVP have it in their heart to cover the check for my kind words, hint hint!.)

Follow me on Twitter regardless as I will be featuring hot babes on the reg. From amateurs to the professionals, if FM radio doesn’t want to put their voices on air, we will include them on our future podcast without a shadow of a doubt!

Nominate a lady to be featured on the next segment by sending me an email to jkpromotions65@gmail.com with the subject, “JK’s featured girl.”

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