November 26, 2013

Jim Colony of 93.7 The Fan

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BuzzNtheBurgh Interviews Jim Colony of 93.7 The Fan

The media personality has made Pittsburgh his home and for that reason- Pittsburgh is a better place. Read the column to find out why.


By: Josh King-Twitter Handle- @joshk65



Here at BuzzNtheBurgh.com we have started the process of interviewing noteworthy people that contribute to the city’s success. Today, we are featuring Jim Colony of KDKA radio. Colony has had a successful career in the Pittsburgh media market. Although he has achieved many accomplishment in his journalism career, he is being featured for a much different reason.




   We have interviewed former professional athletes, college superstars, successful musicians, and tremendous people from all walks of life. Jim Colony, not only was a class act when he knowingly was interviewed but also when he had no idea.

   I feel that it is important to share my first person story about Jim Colony.

  A year ago I met Colony doing a promotion at a Fiat dealership. The dealership at the time wasn’t busy. I listened to Colony growing up and I thought it would be cool meeting him in person. I expected that he would be sort of cold and unwelcoming just based off my experience with other radio personalities. The expectation was nothing like what I expected.

  Jim Colony didn’t know me from the next average Joe. He didn’t know any of the workers from the dealership either that huddled around to hear what he had to say. He just talked to our group as if everyone was an equal. I felt that was refreshing because one of the main reasons that I got out of journalism in the first place was the ego’s. Anybody that has met someone from the media probably doesn’t have to dig too deep to remember an unpleasant result. Sometimes journalist can become egotistical without even realizing it. It’s partly what makes some of them great writers.

  Colony, who is a current co-host of The Fan morning show now on 93.7 The Fan FM Pittsburgh, was very polite to everybody at the dealership that day. I remember leaving and wanting to write about the experience, but a platform was lacking. In the first issue of Drusky Magazine, we feature Jim Colony. In the interview we ask him about his taste in music, about his career, and his relationship with Pittsburgh’s professional athletes.
Colony is from Boston but as he tells BuzzNtheBurgh.com his home now is Pittsburgh. “We really don’t have many ties there [Boston], we consider ourselves Pittsburgh People,” said Colony in reference to himself and his wife.
   Colony has made a name for himself in the Pittsburgh area amongst fans. “I find it hilarious when Jim Colony reads athletes tweets,” said Claudia Miles, 22 from North Huntington. That athlete tweets segment is when Colony uses his distinct voice while reading what athletes and celebrities write on their Twitter pages. It often becomes comical when Colony does this segment.



  On Thanksgiving, the entire feature on Colony will be published in Drusky Magazine and we will also be publishing the story right here on BuzzNtheBurgh.com




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