February 9, 2014

Jess Chernovet: Model, Philanthropist, Hustler

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Jess Chernovet: Model, Philanthropist, Hustler

@BuzzNtheBurgh Interviews Jess Chernovet

Q.) In an interview with sidelinehype.com you speak of “being in your own lane”. Do you pick out what projects you want to do all on your own or does your management team?

Jess:For sure! S/o to the beautiful Joy Taylor at sidelinehype.com first off! I’ve always known I’ve been in my own lane. My portfolio is very diverse, (which is usually what gets me my bookings!) and shows I have experience working with a multitude of clients that range from endorsements and event hosting to editorial print work, catalogue, acting, figure modeling.. etc. I’ve done it all! Well.. almost all. My management sends me opportunities which I then decide if I’m interested in, but regardless of who finds it first, I only ever do projects I want to!

Jess Chernovet

Q.) What do you do when you’re not working?

Jess: Volunteer! I have a strong political voice and really feel for people affected by different economic and and social inequalities. I think there’s a lot of things everyone should be more educated and aware of, so I’m trying to do my part in helping spread the words on a variety of issues like domestic hunger, the growing homeless population, at risk youth, etc. When I was in Jr high I volunteered for the first time at the Pgh Center for Creative Play, a facility for both mainstream and physically and mentally challenged children to spend time and play together. The experience was amazing and made me want to devote my time to philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. Soon I hope to be able to make a major difference.

Q.) Being featured in multiple types of projects has to be pretty cool. What do you think when you see yourself on the screen or on a newsstand?

Jess: Excitement! It’s gratifying to know my hard work is paying off. I feel blessed that my career allows me to collaborate with creative people and make art! It’s really cool to see what happens during post-production and how everyone involved puts their own personal aesthetic into it. They say you are your toughest critic which definitely holds true! I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work, so I always see things I could’ve done differently that I apply and execute on the next project.

Jess Chernovet

Q.) When out and about, do people recognize you from any of your work?

Jess: That’s the only thing they recognize me for! I think people don’t know what else to talk to me about other than my work because that’s all they ever see from me! Most of the time it’s people trying to pronounce my name (Say it with me now;Cher (like the singer) – No (like the noun) – Vet (like the animal doctor, but with a little bit of a Russian accent)

Q.) How often does a girl like you get approached?

Jess: Ha! Good question. Not as often as you would think! I think a lot of people are intimidated by smart and beautiful women. I’ve found that sometimes the people I would want to talk to are too shy to approach me, and the ones who actually do are overly confident! Last weekend my girl and I were in the club and this guy says to me, “Excuse me Miss..I just wanted to say.. I play professional football and I had to tell you, you caught my eye from across the dance floor. You ladies coming with us?” as he walked towards the door to leave. …..Like, really? Who told some of these guys this is chivalry? I’m down to Earth, so I’d want someone down to Earth too.

Jess Chernovet

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