July 28, 2013

Jack Holden Loves Pittsburgh

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Jack Holden Loves Pittsburgh from Colin Sander on Vimeo.

Jack Holden Loves Pittsburgh

Jack Holden is a 21 year old Brit. Growing up in the rural countryside in the East of England, He learned to be a man of the land. He has spent some of his last 7 years traveling around the world to numerous continents- teaching, growing, and participating in projects. A recent graduate from Bath Spa University (UK) where he studied Geography, he has traveled to America aiming to plant his roots in Pittsburgh. After a recent trip he spoke with Foundations and Not-for-Profits with emphasis on regional economic development and sustainability, as well as speaking with civil engineering firms in the natural-resources business. He is seeking a role in the economic development and construction field, and hopes to develop a career in Pittsburgh.

Jack Holden looks forward to helping your company compete in a global market.
( Resumé – docs.google.com/file/d/0ByrIcOtq6M2nV3Q1Y0tXOXJ5R0U/edit?usp=sharing )

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