February 3, 2014

Guy Norman Bee

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Guy Norman Bee



Where does television director, Guy Norman Bee (Supernatural, Arrow, Revolution) go when he wants to do his very 1st in studio podcast? To Decently Funny of course! Guy Norman Bee gets comfortable with Nuzzy and The Guy & describes what it’s like to be a big fancy pants television director. Being the director of television show Supernatural, does Guy believe in ghosts, aliens, psychics and other supernatural phenomenon in real life? We also find out how old he was when he got his first kiss, what his autograph is worth on eBay and what’s the most famous person’s number he has in his iPhone. We also ask many of your legitimate fan questions that came through Twitter. Our sidekick Gary showed up to the podcast drunk, yet still manages to drink a 6-pack during the podcast. We give Gary a breathalyzer test at the end of the show. Can you guess what his blood alcohol level is?

And as always, we play an exciting game of “Play it Forward”. This week Guy Norman Bee has to match wits with last week’s Decently Funny guest: Dateline NBC correspondent, Josh Mankiewicz

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About Guy Norman Bee

After spending 12 years as a camera operator Guy made the jump to director in 1999.
His directing projects have included:
ER, Third Watch, Las Vegas, Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Jericho, Criminal Minds, Kyle XY, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Southland, Arrow, Revolution and many more.

For a more complete list of his credits you can visit his imdb (Internet Movie Database).

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