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By: Josh King- Twitter Handle @joshk65

Ellen Rager Interview

Born and raised in West Homestead, local citizen makes it her mission to have Music Hall succeed for future generations.

Ellen Rager has lived in the West Homestead area her entire life. She takes living in her community very seriously. She has given much of her free time to the Carnegie Library Music Hall since 2007. At the hall she serves as Volunteer Coordinator. “This is the best thing we have in the area and we must keep it for future generations,” said Rager in reference to the venue.

A group of roughly 30-45 volunteers assist Rager in trying to help the Music Hall. “I’ve seen it grow,” said Rager. The Carnegie Library Music Hall is starting to become very well known in the Pittsburgh music scene. “When we started we did 9 shows. In 2012, we did 30. Last year we did maybe 32 and this year we did 50,” exclaimed Rager.

Rager and her volunteers have Brian Drusky and Josh Bakaitus to thank of Drusky Entertainment. “I am very very happy to go from 30 to 50. Brian books 99.9 percent of our shows. We have a very good relationship with Brian,” said Rager.

Rager envisions Carnegie Music Hall being different than other venues. “We want to make this unique. We want to make it laid back. We want you to be able to go outside and take a walk. We keep our library open. We want to show this off,” said Rager.

She encourages the public to help keep the Carnegie Library Music Hall going strong. From talking to Rager it is clear that the community needs the Hall going strong. Kids go there after school and many people use the Olympic swimming pool and gymnasium.

In the first issue of Drusky Magazine, we take a look at the entire venue and its historical relevance in Pittsburgh.





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