September 1, 2015

Meet Duncan a 3-year-old hound-pit mix!  When he was little he was found roaming the streets in a bad part of town.  He was picked up and then adopted by his  mom Joie at 5 months old.

Over the years he has calmed down and become very “crazy” << mom’s words.  Like most dogs he loves chasing squirrels, eating peanut butter & coconut oil.

Duncan loves being close to his family, as close as he can get, he’s definitely loves being a lap dog with added kisses.  There isn’t much Duncan doesn’t like, except for being alone.  He loves the company of his parents, family and other dogs.

This dog has not only taught his mom how to love, but how important it is to advocate for rescue animals.

For more information on adopting or rehoming a pet please visit CARMAA-PetAdoption.com.


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