December 6, 2013

Drew Carey’s Stand Up Comedy

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Drew Carey’s stand up comedy a must see

By Josh King – Twitter Handle @joshk65


It was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Drew Carey, one of the most well known celebrities in Holly Wood came to Pittsburgh to perform a stand up comedy routine that was tremendous.


Pittsburgh Music Hall


The Price is Right host of seven seasons, Carey brought out the funny in a raunchy 50 minute show. The historical venue, Carnegie Library Music Hall, played a great host to Mr. Carey. The Drusky Entertainment event was very unique to say the least. The crowd that came to see Carey was interesting to say the least.


Drew Carey

Photo submitted by Brian J Kurzik 


I expected a much younger crowd, but it was entirely opposite. The crowd consisted of many people from the ages of 40-75. The older crowd enjoyed the raunchy comedian numerous times. Carey had some hilarious comedy for the people who attended his show. It was a treat seeing older women howling at vulgarity. Carey, while vulgar, did not offend. The crowd loved every joke.


When Carey was announced he was given a sixty second standing ovation. It was incredibly special. Right out of the gate he made a joke involving being shirtless that made people howl. Carey talked about feeling comfortable taking his shirt of in Pittsburgh (a playful jab at the hefty people of the burgh), hosting his popular game show, and about how he envy’s Brad Pitt.


The Price is Right jokes were off the charts as anybody could imagine. The show was special. As someone who frequents stand up comedy shows, it was one to remember. Carey captured an audience’s attention the entire show and the crowd loved him. If you ever have an opportunity to see him perform, you must take advantage of it!





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