July 11, 2015

Don’t count out Terrelle Pryor

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Terrelle Pry


By: Josh King

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Al Davis will always be the most intelligent man in professional football history. He had the best eye for talent. The media was critical of Davis towards the end because they didn’t understand the man. He wanted to win a super bowl before he died. He was damn close. I’ll save my thoughts on Al Davis and his greatness for another day. Today it’s about Terrelle Pryor.


Pryor worked with Hue Jackson, another Al Davis selection while in Cincinnati. Jackson probably worked Pryor out at QB to see if there was anything to offer. I have a hard time believing the Bengals are sold on Andy Dalton. If Dalton would of struggled, Pryor may have been an interesting idea. The Bengals look like they could be made of fools for not resigning Jason Campbell as well. Interesting Campbell and Pryor were both Al Davis guys and both made impacts for the Oakland Raiders.

Pryor is switching positions. He will play wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. Many media members are claiming he won’t have enough time to earn playing time and likely will be a camp causality. Not this guy. I believe that Pryor will be an impact player for the Browns. His work ethic is crystal clear. Al Davis did his homework on Pryor I’m sure. Clifford Branch’s speed was I’m sure the first thing Al thought. Perhaps Al saw Pryor working out as a WR if he didn’t at QB. I laugh when people say Pryor struggled in Oakland. The Raiders were terrible unfortunately. Hue Jackson should never have been fired. I’m personally ashamed of Mark Davis. Respect your father, Mark. It’s clear that Terrelle Pryor takes pride on being Al’s last pick and refuses to go away.

I predict Pryor will make the Browns roster. He will dress for games. He will get more and more playing time as the season goes on. Look for him to be used in various formations as well.

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