Decently Funny

Podcast personalities, Nuzzy & Guy bring you a show that’s more than just “Decently Funny”. David “Nuzzy” Nussbaum, a regular on SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show’s SFRT, also the produces podcasts for wild man Andy Dick, Amerca’s Favorite Houseguest Kato Kaelin, Saturday Night Live’s Jeff Richards, comedian April Macie and many others. Guy “The Guy” Opochinski has made his share of radio appearances as well including SiriusXM’s SFRT, The Single Life, Nothing But Show and more. “Decently Funny” is a weekly show where celebrities from all walks of life get interviewed by the boys right from Nuzzy’s Hollywood, CA apartment. These guests include actors, musicians, athletes, comedians, reality stars, pop culture icons, television writers and twitter personalities. Check out their show for yourself at DecentlyFunny.com, “Decently Funny” on itunes/stitcher and follow their antics on twitter @theNuzzy & @theguydf.


Decently Funny Interview with BuzzNtheBurgh.com Interview By: Josh King – @JoshK65 The Sideshow Network probably didn’t think that a Hollywood based podcast would catch on in Pittsburgh where they have their own but it in fact did. The Sidesho (More...)

Guy Norman Bee     Where does television director, Guy Norman Bee (Supernatural, Arrow, Revolution) go when he wants to do his very 1st in studio podcast? To Decently Funny of course! Guy Norman Bee gets comfortable with Nuzzy and The Guy & (More...)

January 28, 2014

Jason Biggs & Jenny Mollen   Jason Biggs (American Pie, Saving Silverman) and Jenny Mollen (Crash, Wilfred) are Decently Funny’s favorite married actor couple. Listen to this episode and they will be yours too. Jason talks about life after (More...)

January 28, 2014

Tommy Chong tells DECENTLY FUNNY Acid changed my life By: Josh King – @joshk65 A legend in the cannabis community, Tommy Chong sat down with the Decently Funny Podcast host Nuzzy and the Guy. Below is a link for the full interview. Some great work b (More...)

Decently Funny with Nuzzy and Guy @BuzzNtheBurgh writer endorses talk show host @theNuzzy of Decently Funny @joshk65 claims this is going to be one of his biggest feature stories in his career. – Now that is a pretty BOLD statement, but after readin (More...)