February 11, 2014

‘Decently Funny’ #1 ranked Podcast in Pittsburgh

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Decently Funny Interview with BuzzNtheBurgh.com

Interview By: Josh King@JoshK65

The Sideshow Network probably didn’t think that a Hollywood based podcast would catch on in Pittsburgh where they have their own but it in fact did.

The Sideshow Network struck gold when Guy Opochinski and David Nussbaum took time out of their busy lives to create one of the best talk shows in the country. Known for their popular show “Decently Funny with Nuzzy and Guy” the two hosts gave a phenomenal interview with Buzzntheburgh.com.

Photo: The boys get Mario Lopez to do his first podcast ever this week! Take a listen: https://soundcloud.com/decently-funny/mario-lopez

From left to Right @Nuzzy, Mario Lopez, @theGuydf

Celebrities are lining up to come on their Podcast in LA and the people of Pittsburgh are getting a glimpse of how life in Hollywood is that they never could get before. “Decently Funny” has become the  #1 preferred podcast of the region amongst our readers. Fans have been writing to Buzzntheburgh.com lately wanting more and more coverage. We received tons of emails from diehard fans of the hit show “The Office” when they brought David Denman  on the show.

Photo: This week's guests are The Office's David Denman (aka Roy Anderson) and his fiance, actress Mercedes Masohn (Californication). Don't miss it! </p><br /><br /><br /><br />

The podcast caught the attention of Panic! At The Disco. ” The into song to their podcast is actually Panic now. Pictured below

Guy’s face is classic in that picture!

We tried to cover this show on one clipping, but it’s impossible. We have planned a 5 part series over the next week in which we will publish one article pertaining to the show per day starting tomorrow. The segments include interviews with both hosts, history of the show, and stories about the guests they’ve featured including Artie Lang, Henry Hill, Sam Simon.

With technology increasing dramatically, people are starting to question why they should listen to local radio now that they could just play their favorite podcast such as “Decently Funny” from their smart phones. The 5 part series will kick off Thursday, February 13th and run through Sunday, February 23rd with 2 features being released on the 23rd. In them meantime we highly recommend following the shows Twitter page @DecentlyFunny





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