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By: Josh King, Twitter handle-@joshk65

The hilarious wedding singer from movies like Old School, Starsky & Hutch , and the Hangover is coming to Pittsburgh tomorrow night at www.thealtarbar.com.

When the movie Old School became an instant classic, it put Will Ferrell into absolute stardom. If he wasn’t already a big deal from Saturday Night Live already, Ferrell could easily look back on the success of Old School as the real start of his dominating movie career.

The cast was one of the best of all time. It featured plenty of celebrities such as Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, Snoop Dog, Jeremy Piven, and that’s just naming a few. Elisha Cuthbert, ranked #25 on the Maxim Magazine hot list of 2007 also had a role in the film. It’s very important to never forget the vital role that Dan Finnerty played in the movie as well.

It was a small role to say the least, but online media sources such as filmschoolrejects.com rank Finnerty’s only scene in the movie Old School  as one of the best scenes in the hit movie. That is a pretty big accomplishment considering how many scenes were considered great by the majority of the country.

Dan Finnerty is the lead singer of the notorious “Dan Band“. Drusky Magazine selected Finnerty to be featured on the cover of their first issue that is set to debut Thanksgiving Day.  After he sat down for an interview it was clear that he belonged on the cover of the magazine. “One of the best interviews I’ve heard with a celebrity,” said former Military policeman Josh Overly who got a chance to listen to the interview live.

That interview and background story will come out on Thanksgiving Day, but since he is coming to Altar bar tomorrow night at 8pm, (Sunday, November 24th) BuzzNtheburgh was able to access a portion of that fascinating interview. The good news is that tickets still remain via Drusky Entertainment. The show usually sells out all around the country so if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket, consider yourself lucky!

In next week’s Drusky Magazine, Finnerty talks about his roles in hit movies, his time working with Jay Leno, his high school days, and much more. Here is an opening transcript from that interview with Dan Finnerty.

Drusky Magazine: How did the music career of Dan Finnerty begin?

Dan Finnerty: Well I always liked music, like everybody. (He laughs). I always wanted to start a band in high school but never did because the guys that did were doing bad-ass kind of metal bands.

I didn’t feel cool enough to start a band so I kind of fell into acting. I went to college to go be an actor. When I went to LA, the plan was acting.

The music really started really as a joke, right when I was in New York there was karaoke. I performed “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy. I really just thought it would be funny because I was drunk.

From there my friend saw me do that and wanted me to open up for her to make it look like she was headlining. Some guy came up and asked if I had a flyer for my show. I thought to myself like what is this guy talking about, I’m never doing this again.

All I had to do was make it a 30 minute set and I was booked at the Viper Room.



The full feature story will be released on Thanksgiving Day in the first issue of Drusky Magazine Entertainment Monthly.


Tickets for the tomorrow’s show can be purchased online at:

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