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With this very nice weather, don’t forget to be on the lookout for the Red Bull Girls! They popup all thru the city on different days!  Look for the Red Bull Car or the Girls with Red Bull can backpacks!  They will be sampling the new editions they just added for the next two months!  So […]

Pittsburgh’s largest Vegan Festival is coming up, will you be attending?

April 13, 2015

April 14th is FREE cone day at Ben & Jerry’s.  Who doesn’t want a nice cold cone to relax after filling out those taxes!

Pizza Sola best pizza for after hours. real. good. pizza. The #1 Pittsburgh Pizza. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood, this is the original shop that started the Pizza Sola story (formerly Pizza Vesuvio) and is marked as the home of Pittsburgh’s giant slice. The area is considered one of Pittsburgh’s favorite […]

Michael’s Pizza Bar And Restaurant Michael’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant is one of the most well kept secrets in the Pittsburgh area. Without a shadow of a doubt, they have one of the best pies in the region. It’s hard to imagine the South Side without this establishment. Michael’s is the perfect place for any […]