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  Ray Dawn Music   Ray Dawn – En Plane Air (Official Trailer)     Published on Aug 7, 2013 http://RayDawnMusic.com presents:   No available for free download: http://livemixtap.es/i5y   Follow @RayDawnThe86th     Ray Dawn – En Plane Air     Check Out RayDawnMusic.com     Follow @IndyTapes & @RayDawnThe86th!         […]

  HD VIDEO PRODUCTION   (Music Videos, Commercials, and Promotional Videos)   Below is a playlist of music videos that I have shot and edited. Watched the first one and weren’t impressed? Continue through the playlist until you find a video style you are looking for.   MUSIC VIDEOS     TNT Sports Promotions (Commercials) […]

T.O.A.K –  TEST OF A KING Welcome to the Lions Den   Published on Apr 24, 2013   Test of a King T.O.A.K – Welcome to the Lions Den   Download Now! Soundcloud: http://snd.sc/ZuPEVk   Follow Test of a King on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/TestOfAKing Like Test of a King on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/TestOfAKing Test of a King […]

Real Deal – “Death of an Optimist” Featuring Vanessa Botti   Published on Feb 28, 2013     New Song and Video Real Deal – “Death of an Optimist” (Official Video) Real Deal – “Death of an Optimist” (Official Video) HD off the album “Fight or Flight Mode” due out in March.   Trying to […]

Sounds of Symphonies Middle Name Danger Delusions Of Grandeur Steve O – Symphonies | Delusions Of Grandeur Delusions Of Grandeur – Beasley’s Corner Bodega – About Delusions Of Grandeur (D.O.G.) The lovable oafs and ruffians known as “Delusions Of Grandeur” are several delusional and possibly dangerous individuals that congregate in strange back alleys and old […]