November 20, 2013

Carl Krauser Interview

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Former Pitt basketball star Carl Krauser sits down with Buzz N the burgh.

One of the flashiest college basketball players of all time sits down and talks about his high school days and what it was like being recruited by the University of Pittsburgh

By: Josh King | Twitter: @joshk65


I sat down with one of the most marketable and talented players in the history of college basketball. We talked for 3 hours and the full story of Carl Krauser will be revealed next week in the November issue of Drusky Magazine. We thank Carl for sitting down with us at Buzz N the Burgh. Here’s a small transcript of that interview with Carl Krauser.


Josh King: Before playing basketball at the University of Pittsburgh, what inspired you to pick up basketball in the first place?


Carl Krauser: Well, my name is Carl Isaac Krauser. I was born in the Bronx, New York City. From an early age I knew that where I lived was dangerous and I didn’t want my family to live there for the rest of their lives so I decided to use basketball as a way to get us out of the projects.


Josh King: When did you realize that you had a special talent?


Carl Krauser: My first game in the Projects tournament- in my neighborhood, Bronx Dale Projects. The tournament was called the Youngstas Tournament. I was killing the kids my age and I was very competitive. My family didn’t know until then how special I was with a basketball. I just stayed working out every single day with my child hood friend Malik Canada or alone all day and night. That’s when I knew God had blessed me with the passion, skill, heart, toughness and blessings to do what I felt I could do.


At Adalei E. Stevenson high school I played basketball. We didn’t have a football team or else I would have loved to play both. High school was dangerous because we had different gangs that forced a a lot of people to sneak in guns just to be safe. You had to focus on school as hard as you could and try to block out all of the distractions. People would come into the class rooms and fight or stab another teacher or student. We weren’t even allowed to have fans at home games.  People missed a lot of games and it was unfortunate because I was throwing up 35-40 points a game at times. We beat the number 1 team Kennedy High school. Even though we beat them pretty bad, it didn’t get recognized because the catholic schools got more publicity.


Carl Krauser


The full story of Carl Krauser will be revealed in the November issue of Drusky Magazine and published right here at Buzz N the Burgh on November 27th. Follow Josh King @joshk65-as he will be interviewing professional athletes, musicians, and entertainers throughout the entire 2014 Calendar year.







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