August 5, 2015

Buzzntheburgh Product Review

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Renovo24- HSHL


By: Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65

Binge partying

Renovo 24:
This is exactly what you need to fake a good night’s sleep. The caffeine from hand-ground Pittsburgh coffee beans boosts circulation around your eyes and gets rid of puffiness and dark circles. The perk-up is only one benefit because the product is loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidants to fight wrinkles and keep you looking attractive.


JK says: This product has already given me energy essential in the media industry. Renovo 24 might be exactly what I need to succeed in Hollywood. Often times I’ll be up all night working and then in the morning interview these celebrities. This product gives me a fighting chance in an industry that Pittsburgh people often don’t succeed in. I plan on succeeding with this product.
I started using other products and I will write a full review. I want to give this Renovo 24 another week before I post pictures to show improvement. If you’d like to try this product reach out to me on Twitter and we can arrange a sampling on camera.
I look forward to updating everyone a week from today.
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