March 15, 2011

BKeyes – Blue Light Mixtape

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B.KEYES – “Blue light” Mixtape


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Top Floor Studios and DTP DJ”s Dj SCHEMES Presents “Blue light” Mixtape. This is a follow up to the EP B.KEYES released in late 2010 which was perceived very well for the up and comer form Hagerstown, MD via Pittsburgh, PA. For the first time B.KEYES reached out to get some features which gives “Blue light” that extra apeal. On the project B.KEYES teamed up with Top Floor head Jc of the finst, Pittsburgh’s own Yng Mak whos is on the rise on the Pittsburgh scene and Philadelphia native Young Cutty to complet the tape. Follow B.KEYES on twitter @IAMBKEYES.


It’s no secret that life is chalk full of obstacles. But in any negative
situation, two paths emerge – one can either focus on the negative and
give up or focus on the positive and become stronger. B Keyes was
destined to play major league baseball. In 2001, he was drafted by the Seattle Mariners. All was good, or so he thought…

High off a sense of invincibility with some poor decision making, B Keyes lost his shot at the MLB. Highly disappointed, but undeterred, he and a
group of friends that he met in college joined forces to found Fab 5 Entertainment– a powerhouse firm specializing in event planning and marketing.

It wasn’t until the creation of Fab 5 that B Keyes discovered his hidden
love for music. But who would take him seriously? He was known for being
a tremendous athlete as well as a superior business man with two college degrees to back him up. But nobody knew B Keyes as a rapper. What everybody thought they knew was about to change.

Growing up in a single parent household, music played a big part in his life. B Keyes was raised on old school soul music – The Temptations, Aretha Franklin…his childhood is littered with memories of his Mother cleaning the house to classic material. This incubating atmosphere lead B Keyes to pen his first rhyme at the age of nine. Being unschooled in bar structure did not stop him. His love of music fueled him to write, but it wasn’t until years
later that he would seriously entertain pursuing a career in music professionally.

Transferring the work ethic he practiced in sports to his music helped B Keyes to achieve notoriety in a short amount of time. With only ten months in the game, B. Keyes has performed at the Hard Rock Café and has been featured on DJ Schemes’ mixtape ‘Grind Flu’. His first solo project ‘Hagerstown Hero’ has cemented his buzz as an up-and-coming artist to
look out for.

Tatted up and overflowing with talent and ambition, 2010 will bring B Keyes nothing but greatness. He’s always been destined to be a pro. When life tightens up the defense, great playmakers call an audible. Baseball was
the plan, but now music is his life – B Keyes still gets to make hits. And
he’s fine with that.




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