July 8, 2015

Artie Lange talks “Hidden Agenda”

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Artie Lange discusses "Hidden Agenda" on his podcast.

On his 101st episode of his newest podcast, radio legend Artie Lange discussed our article that we posted on Monday about a movie that is set to start filming in the Pittsburgh region this September. Artie interviewed stand up comedian/actor Mike Bocchetti about his lead role in the upcoming film. He mentioned that the producer, who is from Pittsburgh, refuses to give his name until after the film is released.

We have the exclusive coverage for this movie so we decided to ask the producer about the movie and ask Artie’s questions for him.

Artie asked about why the producer wished to remain anonymous, if Mike Bocchetti was getting paid, and how long the shoot was for.

Mike Bocchetti pictured above is set to play the role of a college professor who notices one of his students is a porn star.

“I wish to remain anonymous because as Artie can understand when we pitched our script everybody wanted control. The script evolved to the point where we eventually would not have creative control if we took deals. In order to maintain creative control we eliminated everything that drives the price of the film up. For example, the music of the film. We were exploring creative ways to revolutionize the film industry. Often times publishers reap the benefits instead of the artists. I cannot go into more detail at this time to remain a competitive advantage.

I will say this. We discovered Mike Bocchetti on Artie Lange’s show that he had on Directv. We felt strongly about Mike being a creative genius. We actually worked the script around him in this film. Our long term goal is to cast Mike in a variety of movies if he can pull off what we are looking for and in my mind there is no doubt that he can. I traveled to New York City from Chicago to meet Mike in person and after our meeting I knew that he was worthy of a shot.

Tasha Reign is a friend of one of the writers who wrote the script. He has her in mind as the lead female role because she is a creative genius herself as well. If you research Rachel, aka Tasha Reign, you will see an incredibly brilliant woman. We felt with her and Mike we could start getting the ball rolling. We have reached out to Styx for a cameo, because they often play in Pittsburgh and we have mutual friends.

We were flattered that Artie asked Josh to appear on his podcast to discuss further so I figured I’d set the record straight. Shooting dates will be finalized soon and we will be sure to send the show a copy since they were the first national media to mention that article.

“Hidden Agenda”- A  college professor (Mike Bocchetti) struggles to focus on teaching when he notices a student in his class is a porn star.

The rest of the details will be finished when the casting is completed by the end of the month, ” said the producer. 

You can hear Artie interview Mike on his podcast by subscribing to it at artiequitter.com

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