February 17, 2014

Buzz interviews the stunning Ally Tylka

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Buzz interviews the stunning Ally Tylka

Interview By: Josh King – @JoshK65

” In my opinion Ally is the most attractive female to ever attend Southmoreland Senior High school. “The fact that Ally was left off the homecoming court in 2006 was a damn shame,” says King.

Tylka should have been on the homecoming court without a shadow of a doubt

Rejects in high school always want to get with the hottest girl in the school. I was that reject growing up and Ally was the token hot girl. I’ll never forget discovering Ally in 2nd grade. I had a huge thing for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen at the time. I used to watch Olsen and Olsen mystery’s just to watch those twins. I was in the same class as Ally in 2nd grade. Each day I woke up excited to go to school to get a glimpse of Ally’s beauty.


Ally had no idea who I was. The trend continued until we graduated. Sure, she knew my name. When your graduating class only has 175 people everybody tends to know everybody. But Ally would be the girl that everybody wanted in high school and had her pick of the litter. I didn’t stand a chance.  Now Ally dates a millionaire. Still don’t have a chance! But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be the featured babe of the week for Buzzntheburgh.com because she definitely does.

So Ally,
What was it like growing up in high school and being the hottest girl in your high school? 
I never considered myself to be one of the “hottest girls at Southmoreland”, popular, maybe, but that’s what comes with being a cheerleader.  I considered myself to be friends with a lot of people from different cliques.  I’m genuinely friendly and like to make people laugh, which I think makes someone more attractive.

Ally was the hottest cheerleader at SHS by far

Describe what life was like in college.
I chose to go to college 2 1/2 hours away from home in Kent, Ohio at Kent State University, the second largest college in Ohio, with no one that I knew.  My freshman year I was paired with random roommate from Cleveland, OH in a co-ed dormitory.  We lived in tiny room, but quickly got along, luckily, and also made friends with others girls on our floor, and boys that lived above us.  Through the next 3 years at Kent, I made some of the best friends of my life.  Some early friends drifted apart, as I made new ones, but we all still communicate like no time has passed.  I definitely partied hard, who wouldn’t if their parents were over 2 hours away?   I chose to work extremely hard in school balancing fun & classes.  I took 17 credit hours my final semester just so I would graduate on time.  I graduated in 4 years in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in marketing.  At the end of that amazing summer with my friends and my lease had expired, I found myself moving back to good ol Scottdale with no job prospects and a pit in my stomach.  I didn’t want to come back, I knew I had left some good girlfriends back there, would they still hang out with me?  Would they understand why I didn’t want to be in PA without hurting their feelings?

 Post- College

I spent 8 long months in my childhood bedroom, jobless, spending hours a day scouring multiple career sites.  No one wanted a fresh out of college applicant, they wanted someone with experience and knowledge.  Just like hundreds of thousands of other college graduates from 2010 until today, we were undesirable.  I had hoped to move back to Ohio, Columbus in particular, so I could be close to my friends, and in a beautiful city on my own again.  I had landed one interview for a gym in Columbus selling memberships and traveled to interview.  I walked out hating that I had even put forth some interest in thinking I would be able to move here on my own for a job that was commission based and didn’t guarantee anything for months after being employed.
In March 2011, my aunt who is from Scottdale originally, now living in Knoxville, TN for the past 20 years, invited me to come visit her, get away from my parents, the cold weather, and see if there was anything in the marketing world down south that could offer me employment.  I was hesitant at first, because I know in my heart I wanted to find a job in OH where my friends are.
However, I am no stranger to change, and moving to a new place where I knew no one.  I needed a vacation from the constant snow in Pittsburgh, and after checking the 60 degree weather forecast for the first week of April in Knoxville, TN, I quickly agreed and packed my bags.    It was a nice change of scenery, I got to celebrate my uncle & cousin’s April birthdays with them, and through my aunt’s networking, I landed a job at a marketing company.  My birthday April 23rd, was the same weekend of Easter, so my family came down south to visit.
It was my first birthday in 5 years that I would spend without friends and I was super depressed.
I made my first friend Beth at that marketing company, we ran cold sales calls, stopped and ate lunch with a margarita weekly.  She was determined to make me feel welcomed and help me meet people.  She took me out on town a few times and I would crash at her house.  I finally began to feel like I was making progress in TN.
One day while driving to meet some prospective clients, she told me I have to meet a man. So we browsed her Facebook friends.  We stumbled upon someone she knew, and we looked through his pictures.  I ended up spotting a very handsome guy, and I said who is Cody Griffin??!  And she said “Oh, I know some of his friends, but I don’t know Ally, he makes a lot of money & puts off the “baller” persona.  We brushed it off, and the following Tuesday in early May, she took me to downtown Knoxville in Market Square for an event called “Sundown in the City.” It was an outdoor venue where bands played, people drank, and wondered around the local shops and bars.  That was the day I met Cody Griffin.  We spent the whole evening with him & his friends.  I immediately became smitten by his huge perfect smile.  We did the whole flirting through text & Facebook, and became inseparable.  Almost 3 years later, and he’s made me a southerner that has made Tennessee home with him.

 Current situation:

I currently live in the Great Smoky Mts. of East TN.  In a town just 10 minutes from the mountains in Sevierville, Cody and I live in a 3 bedroom home with our 1 1/2 year old Pomeranian Breezy.   I work for a timeshare company called Grand Crowne Resorts, where I am in marketing and sales and making beyond average money for a 25 year old.  Cody landed me this job through one of his friends in September 2011 and I have been working there since.  I love it.  I have a great boss that appreciates me, and I don’t work normal hours.  I go in at 10 am and on most days am home by 5.  I get paid commission with a paycheck every Friday.  I meet 15-20 couples a day visiting the area on vacation.  I talk to them about going to check out a travel club where they can have benefits on cruises, flights, cabin rentals, etc.   I truly love my job and my new life in the South.   I’m currently just waiting for my man to “put a ring on it” and I will be living my happily ever after.

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