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The Buzz on Baseball: Pirates Trade David Price The Pirates record currently sits at 35-37, 8 games out of first place and 3.5 games out of a Wild Card spot. So while the 2014 season has been a disappointing one for the Pirates, as I wrote a few weeks ago they are still in the […]

22 Jump Street (2014) Movie Review This was the funniest movie that I have seen in several years. I had tears from laughing so hard. Jonah hill, Channing Tatum and Ice Cube are a fantastic comedic team. Rarely are sequels better than a good original, but this is. I highly recommend this movie . Go [ (More...)

World Cup 2014 Sunday, June 29 Print Week Month Agenda Showing events after 4/15. Look for earlier events Thursday, June 12 9:00pm  A: Brazil vs Croatia (3-1) WhenThu, June 12, 9pm – 11pm more details»  copy to my calendar Friday, June 13 5:00pm  A: Mexico vs Cameroon (1-0) WhenFri, June 13, (More...)

Here’s How To Add The 2014 World Cup Schedule To Your Google Calendar   Step 1: Click this while logged in to your account and hit the button in the lower right-hand corner. Setanta Step 2: Actually, that’s too many steps. Setanta Bonus: If you use Apple’s Calendar app, download this .ic (More...)

June 14, 2014

Today I hit Google for some useful information on Flag day. I cam across a website with the full history behind today. Also I stumbled onto a YouTube video. After quickly skimming through the long paragraphs about this holidays history. I couldn’t help but hit the back button and see what the (More...)