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Videos and Notes from Wednesday at Pirate City On Wednesday I was able to converse with several of the Pirates minor league players. Here is brief recap of the more interesting information I was able to gather. ~As I noted earlier, 2013 # 9 overall pick Austin Meadows revealed that he had injured hi (More...)

Austin Meadows Injury Update Pirates 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Austin Meadows told me that he has sustained a mild left hamstring injury. He is taking it easy, and has been spending most of the minor league practices working out indoors. He’s thankful that the injury is minor and that it happe (More...)

What Happens During Minor League Practice at Pirate City? Located in Bradenton, Florida, Pirate City is the training complex for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s here where the Pirates prepare for their Grapefruit League season. Once the big club is done training, the Pirates minor league teams us (More...)

2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview: 2B,3B,SS - The Pirates will open 2014 with the same infield as they finished with in 2013

2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview: First Base Article By: Jim Falbo | @BuccoSharkTank For my first series of articles I will do a brief position by position analysis of the Pittsburgh Pirates. First Base: The most frequently discussed topic among Pirates fans this off season, besides the A.J. Burnett (More...)