December 6, 2013

7 Springs – Opening Weekend Video

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7 Springs – Opening Weekend Video

Seven Springs Terrain Parks and Ski Resort WILL be open Saturday and Sunday from 9-5. Temps are dropping and their park crew is building to bring you another fun weekend! #ride7springs



Opening Weekend 2013 /// SKI from RIDE7SPRINGS on Vimeo.


7 Springs – Opening Weekend Video

Opening weekend was one for the books. Park Team and the local talent took to the slopes and didn’t miss a beat. Featuring Justin Petricko, James “Hammy” Coffman, Dan Dougherty, David Taylor, Logan Bingaman and Zach Vanhorn
Filmed and edited by Jake Carlson
”Chinatownr” by Starcadian



Seven Springs is committed to
the development and growth of their park program.

At peak season we have seven terrain parks of varying difficulty. Our rail yard boast 100+ features and we strive to maintain the parks regardless of weather conditions. The resort’s hard work and dedication has been nationally recognized and we continue. Click play and experience Seven Springs for yourself!

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